“Woke” culture wars claim another victim in corporate America as merely QUESTIONING wokesterism gets you FIRED

(Planet-Today) The head of accounting giant KPMG’s British division has been fired from his position after making a politically incorrect comment about “unconscious bias training.”

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

During a Zoom call, KPMG United Kingdom Chairman Bill Michael scoffed at the concept, calling it “complete crap.” He added that “after every single unconscious bias training [session] that’s ever been done, nothing’s ever improved.”

Unconscious bias training, in case you are unfamiliar with the term, is a reeducation effort that seeks to brainwash White employees into believing that they are inherently prejudiced against non-Whites. It is becoming a mainstay at many large corporations.

Michael also took aim at the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), claiming his company’s staff has been using it to play “the role of the victim.” They work in a “very lucky sector,” he added, saying they should “take control” of their lives rather than “sit there and moan” about the “pandemic.”

Hearing this, several disgruntled employees filed a complaint against Michael, prompting KPMG to launch an investigation into his comments. He initially stood aside to await the results, but has since chosen to resign with claims that his position is now “untenable.”

“So ends his 30-year tenure at the company,” reported spiked. “But what Michael said was correct. Unconscious-bias training is complete crap.”

“These training sessions treat an absurd ideological claim – that we are all secretly racist, without even realizing it – as fact. They force people to admit to non-existent prejudices. They are not worth anyone’s time.”

For the record, Michael also stated during the Zoom call that “there’s a lot … more generally, to change” at KPMG. He does not, however, believe that unconscious bias training is the way to go.

“That should not be a controversial opinion,” spiked further reported. “But such nuances have got lost in the clamour for him to be sacked.”

“The bean counters at KPMG clearly see themselves as social-justice advocates. It seems the Great Awokening has captured the corporate sector.”

Men are no longer allowed to be men in the new world order

Michael had been in charge of KPMG in the U.K. since 2017. He made the “offensive” comments during a virtual town hall meeting with members of the financial firm’s consulting team.

The 52-year-old Australian later issued an apology claiming he regrets the comments he made. It would appear, though, that Michael was bullied into resigning, which is basically a firing.

“I love the firm and I am truly sorry that my words have caused hurt among my colleagues and for the impact the events of this week have had on them,” Michael stated.

“In light of that, I regard my position as untenable and so I have decided to leave the firm. It has been a privilege to have acted as chair of KPMG. I feel hugely proud of all our people and the things they have achieved, particularly during these very challenging times.”

In other words, Michael said it like it is, like any good man would do, which triggered the snowflakes at his former company into total hysteria. He then was beaten into submission, issued an apology, and quit.

This is “cancel culture” at its finest, all wrapped up in a tidy bow of “decency” that puts the “feelings” of the weak above difficult truths. No longer is anyone allowed to make anyone else feel uncomfortable, even though the things that make some people feel uncomfortable are constantly changing.

As this writer reported last summer, even the board game industry has succumbed to cancel culture as Scrabble was caught banning certain words that some people might find “offensive.”

For more related news, be sure to check out PoliticalCorrectness.news.

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