VACCINE AFTERMATH: “I’m still not right” say the victims of the Covid-19 dirty vaccine series

VACCINE AFTERMATH: “I’m still not right” say the victims of the Covid-19 dirty vaccine series
(Planet-Today) Aftermath is defined as the consequences of a significant, disastrous event. Thousands upon thousands of Americans all over the country are saying they’re “still not right” after getting jabbed with the most experimental inoculation ever created. Even 3 to 4 months later, they’re complaining of major arm pain at the spot of injection, excruciating shooting pains going up their neck from their spine, constant lethargy where they can’t get their energy back that they had before the jabs, pain in their toes (mainly the big toe), lots of horrible headaches, shortness of breath, plus depression, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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In the UK, people are going deaf (35 already) and blind (25) after getting the dirty mRNA vaccines. That’s not to mention over 190,000 adverse events and side effects reported on the UK Yellow Card System, which is equivalent to the CDC’s VAERS system. That’s as of the first week of March, 2021.

Picture this: About 5 to 7 years from now, on a major network channel, one of those attorney commercials comes on television where the lawyer says, “If you took the Covid-19 vaccine series and are suffering longstanding injuries or serious complications from it, you may be entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. Call the number on your screen now.”

“Side effects” of modern medicine now becoming lifelong debilitating effects

Did you know the side effects of chemotherapy include chronic lethargy, horrific headaches, agonizing muscle pain, chronic infections, shortness of breath, and emotional issues that include depression? Sound familiar? The mass media has Americans so deeply brainwashed that now they’re claiming that these horrific, long-standing “side effects” of the Covid-19 vaccine series jabs are “proof it’s working.”

Sure, and when you get a tune up and then your car keeps breaking down, that’s proof the tune up is working, right? No, that means the mechanics are crooks and the parts they put in your car are faulty and dangerous for your own safety. Get your head out of the ground all you ostriches.

What’s next, spontaneous abortion after a dirty Covid vaccine? Is death from the Covid vaccine series a “side effect” or just a casualty in the trade-off for the “greater good?”

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are sinister freaks pushing dirty vaccines for population reduction and genocide

If Bill Gates cared about people’s health, he wouldn’t go into third world nations and inject young girls with sterilization chemicals and call it doing a “great job with healthcare.” Yes, poor women are the target of a depopulation scheme, so you think the Covid jabs are any different? Think again.

Do you think Fauci is honest when he tells all Americans to wear a mask everywhere they go, when he doesn’t wear one himself? Yes, he got caught mask-less, just like all the hypocritical elitists. His excuse was that he was sipping his water, but in several photos, he’s playing on his phone, laughing with his buddies who are sitting ONE FOOT away. Forget about it. He knows the whole plandemic is just another flu, so he’s not worried about it.

Per TruthWiki, “Vaccinations are perhaps the most profitable for the drug industry as corporations have complete immunity from “doing harm” or being sued in a proper court of law. In fact, the vaccine industry has their own court and judges now, so the CDC is functioning in complete conflict of interest by publicly promoting vaccines as part of a business agenda with financial rewards for those who push the hardest. Since the Supreme Court decision in 2011, Bruecewitz versus Wyeth, the vaccine industry is completely EXEMPT from all liability regarding vaccine products, yet the industry shells out billions in damages to humans receiving too many vaccines too close together and/or at too young of an age.”

Tune your internet dial to for updates on EU and American vaccine experts screaming for the government to stop mass vaccinating everyone, especially the healthy people. Also, stay tuned to for leaked emails about dirty vaccines that are leaving humans debilitated the same way chemotherapy does. It’s sick, twisted, and the CDC is still pushing all vaccines as “100% safe and 100% effective.”

Fact is, truth news enthusiasts all know that the CDC has been corrupt since its inception. Seek natural remedies folks, and drop the allopathic nightmare down the sewer, where it belongs.

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