Transgender HHS nominee Rachel Levine wants babies to get sex changes without parental consent

(Planet-Today) Joe Biden is attempting to install transgender mental case Rachel Levine as assistant health secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) even though Levine believes that minor children should be allowed to get a “sex change” without parental consent.

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During Levine’s nomination hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) asked “her” all sorts of questions, many of which “she” refused to answer with clarity. When it comes to approving of young children cutting off their private parts apart from their parents, for instance, Levine believes that it is a “complex and nuanced” field of “medicine,” suggesting that “she” sees nothing wrong it.

Genital mutilation, Paul pointed out, is generally recognized as a human rights violation all around the world. Meanwhile, the new United States is “normalizing the idea that minors can be given hormones to prevent their biological development.”

“According to the WHO (World Health Organization), genital mutilation has been recognized internationally as a violation of human rights,” Paul explained.

“Genital mutilation is considered particularly egregious because as the WHO knows, it is almost always carried out on minors and is a violation of the rights of children,” he added.

When asked about “her” support for allowing minors to be given hormone blockers and surgery to destroy their genitalia, Levine responded that “robust research and standards of care” legitimize the field.

“If I am fortunate enough to be confirmed as the assistant secretary of health, I would look forward to working with you and your office in coming to your office and discussing the particulars of the standards of care for transgender medicine,” Levine told a visibly upset Paul.

Democrats are hellbent on destroying all children’s genitalia

Paul immediately shot back that he was talking about minors, and that Levine had dodged the question. He again asked “her” point blank if “she” supports the government intervening to override parental consent when it comes to the administration of child puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and / or amputation surgery of breasts and genitalia.

“You have said that you’re willing to accelerate the protocols for street kids,” Paul added. “I’m alarmed that poor kids with no parents who are homeless and distraught – you would just go through this and allow that to happen to a minor.”

Paul was trying to get Levine to say that absolutely never, under any circumstances, should a minor be allowed to decide for himself or herself to alter genitalia without parental consent – but Levine refused to do so.

“Senator, transgender medicine is a very complex and nuanced field,” Levine repeated verbatim.

Paul responded again, explaining that such changes in a child are permanent. Should he or she regret the decision later on in life, there is no going back. Paul then pointed out that none of the drugs being used in “transgender medicine” have been approved for such purposes, and are being used off-label.

“I find it ironic that the left that went nuts over hydroxychloroquine being used for Covid, are not alarmed that these hormones are being used off-label,” Paul stated.

“There’s no long-term studies. We don’t know what happens to them. We do know that there are dozens and dozens of people who’ve been through this who regret this happening – a permanent change happened to them.”

Levine had not much else to say, which hopefully swayed enough members of Congress to deny “her” the position.

“Rand Paul, being a medical doctor, was the perfect person to take this line of questioning,” wrote a commenter at Zero Hedge. “Kudos to him for taking this issue head-on.”

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