Top 11 ways to avoid cancer

Top 11 ways to avoid cancer

(Planet-Today) Doctors say cancer cells are smart, and can target vital organs, take them ever, and shut down your life. Cancer is a disorder of the cells, where they mutate and multiply uncontrollably. It’s very common in America, but doctors and oncologists are clueless when it comes to beating cancer. They use chemicals, surgery and radiation, usually to no avail, to stave off the inevitable just a few years. Yet, cancer barely even existed in America 100 years ago, so how is this lethal serial killer that attacks one in every three Americans, and kills half of those, able to hone in on vital cleansing organs and take people out like flies?

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Let’s start with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is the least-survived cancer, with about a 95 percent kill rate. Why? Humans who consume bleach daily overwhelm the pancreas (and the prostate and bladder) with one of earth’s most deadly toxins, while the cancer and pharma death clock just keeps ticking for all those who don’t know better – and that’s about 2/3rds of all Americans. Lots of foods are bleached, including ones you wouldn’t even think are bleached, because they’re not white. Understand this: Most bread in America is highly toxic for humans, in the short run and long run. Here’s why.

Conventional bread is loaded with chemicals and sticky gluten that blockades your intestines, causing food to rot inside your body, eventually leading to cancer

Bread contains many chemicals, including ones to soften it, condition it, and preserve it. It also often contains bleach, because Americans are brainwashed to think white foods are ‘clean.’ Then, the gluten stops up the intestines, and everything that remains in the body for more than 24 hours turns to poison. Constipated lately?

Gluten is nicknamed “food glue” for good reason. Once the intestines get blockaded, the damage starts setting in. Ulcers. Divots. Polyps. IBS. Crohn’s. Diverticulitis. Acid reflux. Sound familiar? After years of this, cancer starts developing and attacking those weakened areas.

A few years later and that’s ‘all she wrote.’ Surgery won’t change the chronic damage that’s ongoing, and medical doctors won’t blame the cancer food. They don’t even take classes on nutrition in medical school, so there’s that. You need to visit a naturopath or nutritionist for valuable ‘intel’ on healing foods, including superfoods and supplements.

Conventional milk is bleached – so avoid all conventional dairy

Did you know that humans are the only animals on earth that drink milk beyond infancy and from other animals? As humans drink other animal’s milk, we lose the lactase enzyme, making digestion quite difficult. We’re all ‘lactose intolerant’ to some degree, it’s just that the signs don’t show right away. This leads to inflammatory diseases, including obesity (yes, it is a food disease) and cardiovascular disease. Plant-based ‘milks’ are the alternative, but you should still search for organic products. Cancer thrives off inflammation, especially chronic, long-term inflammation.

That means you should avoid milk, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, dairy coffee creamer, and cream-based soups.

Did you know margarine is bleached?

Made from the cheapest, most health-compromising vegetable oils, margarine may be the single most dangerous food any human being can consume, especially on a regular basis. Don’t be fooled by the yellowish color and flavor. Margarine is chock full of trans fats that clog your arteries, veins and capillaries, restricting blood flow and the transportation of nutrients to the body. Cancer loves margarine.

Recently, in 2018, 30 brands of margarine were analyzed for their ability to cause cancer. Guess what? At least 18 of those brands revealed shocking lab results. Not only are the brands advertising nutritional lies on the labels, but the 18 that cause cancer contain a carcinogenic substance called glycidol. This cancerous compound is often combined with blood-clogging canola oil, and damage to the cells, memory, and blood is evident over time.

Top 11 ways to avoid cancer

#1. Minimize gluten intake

#2. Never drink tap water (fluoride causes cancer, brittle bones, memory loss, IQ loss)

#3. See if a Naturopathic Physician can get you off prescription medications safely

#4. Never eat canola oil (not even organic, expeller-pressed, as all canola oil coagulates and clogs blood)

#5. Never consume aspartame synthetic sweetener (causes cancer and anxiety)

#6. Avoid all flu shots and vaccines, even Covid-19 series

#7. Never eat food imported from China (loaded with heavy metal toxins)

#8. Avoid eating MSG, nitrates and nitrites (all concentrated salts – think deli meats, hot dogs, chips, Chinese food)

#9. Avoid all bleached foods, including most rice, pasta, bread, flour, milk, margarine, table salt and sugar

#10. Avoid all meat that’s not organic (conventional meat often contains bleach, ammonia, hormones and antibiotics)

#11. Never eat GMOs – genetically modified organisms in nearly all fast food and processed food (bug-killer and weed-killer chemicals embedded in food)

Tune your internet dial to for updates on clean food that does not cause cancer, so you can avoid being a conventional food statistic who is left wondering, what happened, and why me?

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