The whole universe could be just a hologram

The whole universe could be just a hologram
The new theory that scientists are currently investigating applies to all aspects of reality and questions reality itself.

Physicists at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory have set themselves the task of proving whether the universe that we observe through telescopes really exists or is it just a two-dimensional projection.

Our 3D world is not a subject of controversy, and our senses provide specific information that we take for granted.

The researchers argue that information about everything in our observable universe can in fact be encoded in tiny two-dimensional packets of information, similar to pixels on a screen, much smaller than an individual atom.

They acknowledge that there is a possibility that we are living in a 2D projection.

An underground facility was built near Chicago to test this theory. Two interferometers send a one kilowatt laser beam that reflects and recombines.

Scientists are measuring what they call the “holographic jitter” of spacetime. If their results confirm this theory, all the foundations of reality will be shaken, and everything we know about the universe will be called into question.

They expect to collect enough data to support or disprove this theory by the end of the year.

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