“Harvest of Aliens”: Why Aliens Hunt for DNA of Earthlings

“Harvest of Aliens”: Aliens hunt for DNA of earthlings to change it in order to symbiosis of aliens with humans: The headline contains the main essence that can clarify the reasons and goals that aliens pursue in our planet inhuman experiments on the removal of organs from animals and humans. This is the so-called “Phenomenon of cattle mutilation”, and the perpetrators of all this are beings from space.

The woman who devoted her life to the study of the phenomenon of “mutilation of cattle” gave a very succinct name to everything that happens – “Harvest of Aliens”.

Linda Moulton Hove (born January 20, 1942) is an American journalist, Emmy award winning documentary, ufologist, and supporter of various conspiracy theories, including years of research into cattle mutilation and the conclusion that they are being performed by aliens. She also believes that the US government is working with aliens.

In 1990, she gave a long interview, which I translated into Russian so that you could familiarize yourself with it, but I will publish it later, because it was it that prompted me to a number of hypotheses that I want to voice in this article.

In the interview, he contains many answers to questions and many tips to find answers.

Race “Grays” and their genetic experiments

The main thing that I singled out for myself is that an alien race, which is usually called the “Grays”, is involved in the experiments. Moreover, they have been on planet Earth for a very long time. The land has always been a very attractive place for them, but there was one snag related to the fact that the earthly conditions were unsuitable for the life of the “Grays” here.

Earth’s DNA – of all living beings, including us – humans, turned out to be unique. It is this uniqueness of it, inherent only in terrestrial living organisms, and allows them to live on this planet.

How not to recall the words from the “War of the Worlds”, “- Meanwhile, through the abyss of space, the Earth looked with eyes full of envy, beings with a highly developed, cold, insensitive intellect and slowly but surely worked out their plans hostile to us.”

I recommend reading this interview, because this woman devoted her whole life to investigating the activities of aliens, or let’s call them alien life forms, and even she could not find a clear answer explaining everything that was happening, but she gives new researchers clues that might be able to someone of us to understand what is happening here on Earth.

Certain organs are always removed, which contain the genetic material necessary for experiments. Organs are removed not only from cows, but also from birds and wild animals, deer, elk, marmots, raccoons, possums, and people. Most likely, they are also withdrawn from the inhabitants of the earth’s ocean, but it is much more difficult to register such cases.

The main question is why?

“No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that everything that happens on Earth is vigilantly and closely watched by beings more developed than man, although they are mortals like him; that while people were going about their business, they were being investigated and studied, perhaps, as carefully as a person studies the ephemeral creatures through a microscope, swarming and multiplying in a drop of water.With endless self-righteousness, people scurried around the globe, busy with their affairs, confident in their power over matter. under the microscope behaves the same way. It never occurred to anyone that the older worlds of the universe were a source of danger for the human race; the very thought of any life on them seemed unacceptable and incredible “- War of the Worlds.

There is something in our plants and in our animals that is unique, valuable, necessary for the aliens. That which is only in the earthly DNA. And it’s something that makes them try to get it.

Are we in a symbiotic relationship with an alien lifeform that might live underground here? Or do they live in the distant corners of space, and fly here for research purposes? Or they strive to take our place, but cannot, because in order to live here, it is necessary to possess the very unique DNA that only terrestrial living beings have. There is something in the DNA of our planet that is valuable or special to them.

The question immediately arises why, if we are dealing with an alien life form, it does not communicate with us directly and in fact, it does not seem to want us to know exactly what they are doing.

Then that might explain why the question is so difficult to answer. What could it be used for? All those organs that are being harvested for genetic experiments?

DNA on this planet is precious or special to them.

“We, humans, creatures inhabiting the Earth, should have seemed to them as alien and primitive as to us – monkeys and lemurs. Reason man recognizes that life is a continuous struggle for existence, and on Mars, obviously, they think the same. Their world has already begun to cool down, and life is still boiling on Earth, but this is the life of some lower creatures. To conquer a new world, closer to the Sun, is their only salvation from the steadily impending doom “, – War of the Worlds.

We have something valuable for them, but at the same time, we are just material for them. That unimaginable cruelty and heartlessness, the complete absence of compassion and empathy during organ harvesting, during which the victim is conscious and experiencing incredible torment, simply amazes and shows how much we are people, and these alien forms of life are different to us.

And it shows that they do not treat us as equals and even more so as an intelligent race. Who are they and what goals do they pursue?

Do they live inside the earth, like a parallel civilization?

“We must remember how people themselves mercilessly destroyed not only animals, such as the extinct bison and the dodo bird, but also representatives of the lower races of their own kind. The inhabitants of Tasmania, for example, were destroyed to the last in fifty years of extermination war, started by immigrants from Europe Are we ourselves such champions of mercy that we can resent the Martians who acted in the same spirit? “- The War of the Worlds.

Much more developed, but unable to live on the surface of our planet?

Do they live on the moon?

A satellite of the Earth can be an alien spacecraft damaged near the Earth and immobilized.

Its crew, could it be a race wandering across the Galaxy, or was it a colonists’ ship that set off to look for a new home after a global catastrophe on their planet?

They “parked” their damaged spacecraft in the earth’s orbit, which caused global cataclysms already on the surface of the earth. The Great Flood, the extinction of millions of species of living beings, and they watched all this from their ship – indifferently and indifferently.

A beautiful blue planet filled with oceans of water and atmosphere would become a new home for them and the end of their wanderings in search of a new world, but something became an insurmountable obstacle.

Their body was unable to survive on Earth. If this advanced race was able to build a spaceship of the size of the moon, then naturally they began to make efforts to either change the planet for themselves, by terraforming it – which could be the original purpose of placing their ship in earth orbit and launching global processes.

But, the Earth is a unique world, capable of self-healing despite cataclysms, like Phoenix it was reborn from the ashes again. Or maybe an insurmountable obstacle was hidden in the very code of earthly life – DNA and only its owners could be the masters of this world?

In this case, the main goal of the colonists would be to search for opportunities to change themselves or change us – humanoids inhabiting the Earth, in order to obtain the very uniqueness that gives the right to live here by crossing.

Surely the abduction of livestock began in antiquity, livestock and people … but everything turned out to be not so simple, or this code of life hidden in our DNA turned out to be really unique. Could this be the protection of Earthlings from alien invasion? How does the code to the safe, a certain possibility hidden in our DNA, give the right to use this world only to us – people?

How to capture an impregnable fortress?

“When most people feel the need for something, the weak and those who relax themselves with endless reasoning invent a religion that is inactive and preaches humility before violence, before the will of God” – War of the Worlds.

Everyone knows the story of the Trojan horse, if the fortress is impregnable, it can be captured in two ways – with the help of traitors or with the help of cunning.

On July 2, 1947, a luminous disc-shaped object flew over the town of Roswell in New Mexico, which soon collapsed, and not only the aircraft itself fell into the hands of the US military, but also the pilots who controlled it. And it was precisely the “Grays”, this term defining this alien race and passed from there.

These events are still classified, but it can be assumed that it was not a simple accident, but the beginning of the “Trojan UFO” operation, through which a plan to capture the Earth was introduced into human society, in one of the most developed and powerful countries of that time.

Having received an extraterrestrial apparatus and extraterrestrial representatives of another civilization in its hands, the United States did not announce this to the whole world, but hid it, classified it in the hope of gaining superiority over other countries by developing new technologies.

And what’s more, maybe it was then that they entered into an agreement with the alien race, making some kind of deal. Technology in exchange for kidnapping and genetic experimentation? Traitors in a fortress called Earth could have appeared just then in 1947.

This is one of the versions, but other scenarios can also be assumed.

The Earthlings knocked on the forbidden door called the Moon.

“All the people who lived in these houses, all these miserable office rats are not good for anything. They have no courage, no pride, they do not know how to desire strongly. And without this a man is not worth a dime. They are always in a hurry to work, – I have seen thousands of them, with breakfast in their pocket, they run like crazy, thinking only about how to get on the train, in fear that they will be fired if they are late. They work without delving into the matter; then they hurry home, afraid being late for dinner, sitting at home in the evening, fearing to walk the back streets, sleeping with wives whom they married not for love, but because they had money and hoped to provide their miserable existence. Their life is insured against accidents. on Sundays they are afraid to destroy their souls. As if hell was created for rabbits! “, – War of the Worlds.

On July 20, 1969 at 20:17:39 UTC, Crew Commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin landed the ship’s lunar module in the southwestern region of the Sea of ​​Tranquility. They stayed on the lunar surface for 21 hours 36 minutes and 21 seconds.

I am now leaving outside of this version, the idea that the Americans were not on the moon at all. Which, incidentally, is most likely, but we will consider the hypothesis that they nevertheless visited there and this was the beginning of all subsequent events.

So, in the 1970s, humanity had already recovered from the consequences of the world war and technological progress was simply incredible. The flight to the moon was a logical continuation of this technical progress. But note that after the flight to the moon, humanity not only slowed down the pace of further development of technology, but actually completely stopped it.

Nothing fundamental has been created since then. Even rockets – obsolete and created just then, we are now launching into a low Earth orbit into the dense layers of the atmosphere, where the so-called International Space Station simply flies like a cannonball.

Only “space” it is in its name, but not in the place in which it flies and flies since 1998, and is already bursting at all the seams. In addition to the ISS, only China now possesses a space station, and the first station appeared in 1971 and since then mankind has not only failed to develop space station technology, but has degraded to only two stations in earth orbit in the upper atmosphere.

What if we assume that the reason for this decline in technological development was the flight to the moon? What if this is not just a satellite of our planet, but an alien spacecraft on board which there are hundreds of thousands or millions of colonists? It is possible that they are in a state of stasis and are waiting for the moment when their comrades can change people or change themselves with the help of earthly DNA, in order to adapt their body to life in our world?

What if, having flown to the moon, the Americans became the culprit for the fact that the secret presence of aliens in Earth’s orbit passed into a phase of direct contact with the subsequent enslavement of mankind and the limitation of its science and technical process, by taking it under tacit and secret external control?

Why didn’t the aliens declare their existence openly to all of humanity?

They are calculating, ruthless and smart. Yes – they have flying machines that allow them to fly in the earth’s atmosphere, but most of them are unmanned, which means that our planet is extremely hostile for their bodies, and the risk of an accident with a device with live pilots on board in some huge metropolis is very high. They also want to hide their presence from ordinary people.

It is enough for them to tacitly rule the world through those on whom the policies of individual states depend. And it is no coincidence that the “Trojan UFO” fell exactly in the United States, which has always been and remains the “World Policeman” determining the path along which all mankind goes.

Traitors in the fortress can be lured by giving them power, wealth, long life, and possibly immortality by transferring consciousness into a new body created by cloning.

Having your henchmen in the “elite of the world community”, you can implement any of your plans relying on them, and not being afraid that the truth may come out.

What is it – the uniqueness of earthly DNA?

“Everything happened the way I did, and many people could have foreseen if horror and panic had not darkened our minds. These embryos of disease have already taken their tribute from humanity even in prehistoric times, took tribute from our animal ancestors back then,” when life on Earth had just begun.Thanks to natural selection, we have developed the ability to resist; we do not yield to any bacteria without a stubborn struggle, and for many of them, such as bacteria that cause rotting in dead matter, our body On Mars, apparently, there are no bacteria, and as soon as the aliens who came to Earth began to feed, our microscopic allies set to work, preparing their death. When I first saw the Martians, they were already condemned to death, they were already slowly dying and decayed on the go. It was inevitable. Having paid with billions of lives, man bought the right to live on Earth, and this right belongs to him in spite of all aliens. Rsians are even ten times more powerful. For man does not live and die in vain “, – War of the Worlds.

But, what if the aliens have already penetrated all the control structures of our civilization? What if for many years, under the cover of their people in the “elites”, secretly, but without hindrance, and moreover, with the help of earthly scientists, they are painstakingly working to take away from us this right to live on Earth?

Maybe in order to possess the Earth, the aliens decided not to try to interbreed with terrestrial species and not to change themselves in an attempt to get what we received in the process of survival here for millions of years, but decided to change us, our DNA, in order to take over us, using human bodies as a costume, adapting ourselves to creatures with whom you can live in symbiosis?

“Now we know that our planet cannot be considered a completely safe refuge for man; it is impossible to foresee those invisible enemies or friends who may appear to us from the abyss of space” – War of the Worlds.

I think for people looking for answers, I gave many directions for my own thoughts …

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