The left’s obsession with trying to turn all children transgender is too much even for Bill Maher

(Planet-Today) Former Fox News talk show host Megyn Kelly spoke with Bill Maher the other day about why she and her husband chose to pull their three children out of New York City public schools. During the exchange, she explained how her eight-year-old son was exposed to a “three-week trans-education experiment,” which even Maher was forced to admit is nothing short of horrific.

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Kelly revealed that the goal was not merely to expose her son and his classmates to transgenderism and other LGBTQ perversions, but to “convince them” to “come on over” to the dark side. In other words, NYC public schools are now engaged in pedophilic recruitment of innocent young children.

Kelly’s other son, who is only six, was told by his teachers to write a letter to the Cleveland Indians objecting to their “racist” mascot. This, too, was an act of leftist grooming designed to thwart the minds of the young and innocent to see “racism” hiding behind every rock.

Rather than teach their students useful things like reading, writing and arithmetic, NYC public school teachers are engaging in full-scale social justice warrior (SJW) indoctrination – and Kelly, for one, is tired of it.

One local school in the Big Apple was recently featured in the news for dividing “white” people into different categories. Known as “Critical Race Theory,” the purpose of this Marxist training exercise was to pit races and social classes against one another – and again, this is happening to children who barely even know how to tie their own shoes.

“Critical Race Theory is a pernicious form of Marxism that seeks to destabilize nations by creating protected classes and races and pitting them against one another,” writes Leisa Audette for “By doing this, social cohesion and law fail.”

“All industries, governmental bodies, histories, and traditions are demonized and hollowed out or destroyed; entire cultures fall,” Audette adds. “It is called ideological subversion, and it happens without an army firing a single wartime shot. This takes about 15 to 30 years on average.”

Parents: If you love your children, take them out of public school

Fifteen to 20 years, it turns out, it just enough time to reprogram an entire generation of people to hate their own country, for instance, or to hate people who have fair skin. It is also enough time to brainwash an entire generation into thinking gender dysphoria, a mental illness, is just another normal “identity.”

In Austin, Tex., public schools are attempting to normalize anal sex, as another example. Children in third grade, we reported, are being instructed into the ways of anal sex as part of the same pedophilic grooming effort.

Totalitarian regimes throughout history have utilized this tactic many times. First they demoralize a nation; then they seize control of it. And it all starts with the children, which Kelly and apparently now Maher are beginning to understand.

The anti-white agenda is a big part of this as well, indoctrinating the youth into believing that having light skin makes you “evil.”

“There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities,” reads an “8 White Identities” brainwashing curriculum now being used at East Side School in NYC. “People who identify with whiteness are one of these.”

“It’s about time we build an ethnography of whiteness, since white people have been the ones writing about and governing Others.”

In other words, white people need to be demoralized, according to anti-white racists. This is what your children are “learning” if they attend public school, which is why we encourage our readers to seek out alternatives to public “education.”

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