Sidney Powell says Kelly Loeffler’s staffer who died in car crash was murdered

Sidney Powell says Kelly Loeffler’s staffer who died in car crash was murdered
(Planet-Today) Back in December, Harrison Deal, a young staffer who worked for former Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler, died in what the mainstream media described as “a car crash.” According to attorney Sidney Powell, though, Deal was actually murdered.

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During a recent appearance on “The Right Side” with Doug Billings, Powell explained that the alleged crash “was no car accident” at all, but rather a planned assassination.

“He was vaporized by whatever the explosion was,” Powell told Billings and viewers. “Some people who know more about it than I do tell me it had to have been thermite to have triggered a fireball such as happened in that car.”

Thermite, by the way, appears to have been the explosive material that was used to bring down the World Trade Center (WTC) towers on 9/11.

Powell further revealed that a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent who was investigating Deal’s death also turned up dead “by a gunshot wound to the head within a week.”

The apparent reason for these two murders is that Loeffler and her team were getting too close to the truth concerning those involved with the 2020 election heist. They thus had to be silenced.

“There are trillions of dollars of global wealth at stake,” Powell stated. “There are people from both political parties that are implicated in all the crimes here, and there were crimes committed – destruction of evidence being among them.”

According to Powell, there is already plenty of evidence on any number of election-related crimes to warrant full prosecution of those involved. It is just a matter of whether there are any courts brave and honorable enough to hear these cases.

“There are any number of crimes that could have and should have been prosecuted arising from this election for all kinds of fraud,” Powell added.

“And then there’s the international aspect of it because there is substantial evidence, and I think there will be more forthcoming, that China and Iran played a large role in flipping votes for Biden and rigging this election.”

You can watch a clip of Powell’s interview at this link.

Democrats “win” elections through deceit, fraud and murder

Both deaths occurred before the Jan. 5 runoff election in which Loeffler, under questionable circumstances, lost – or so we are told – to Rev. Raphael Warnock, a far-left Democrat.

This apparently fraudulent runoff election resulted in both Georgia Senate seats going to the Democrats, giving them a majority in the Senate.

The Democrats now control both chambers of Congress, the presidency, and some might say even the judicial branch, which as of yet has not accepted or heard any of the major election fraud cases brought before it.

There is no way any of this was above board, of course, as we can see with these dual murders and the election sham that surrounded them. It just goes to show that the only way Democrats “win” election is to steal them, using violence if needed to keep a lid on their heinous crimes.

“2020: The year coincidences died. 2021: The year of brutal malice. This country was lost a long time ago,” wrote one commenter at

“Once happenstance … twice coincidence … three times enemy action,” wrote another, quoting Ian Lancaster Fleming, the British writer who came up with the James Bond series of spy novels.

If you are late to the game or simply want to refresh your memory as to all the known fraud that took place in the 2020 election, you can learn more at this link.

To keep up with the latest developments about the fraudulent 2020 election, be sure to check out

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