Same AP that once pushed propaganda for Adolf Hitler now pushing transgenderism with extreme media bias

(Planet-Today) The Associated Press (AP) is taking aim at legislators who are trying to protect women’s sports against the transgender invasion, claiming none of them have provided any evidence that any females are being harmed by the LGBTQ policy.

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Some 20 states have introduced bills so far this year to ban transgender “girls” – meaning biological males pretending to be “females” – from competing in female sports. According to the AP, allowing men with gender dysphoria, a mental illness, to compete with women is never a problem except among “transphobes.”

Track athlete Selina Soule, along with many others, would disagree. Even so, the AP wants to pretend as though none of these hard-working female athletes exist, and instead give preference to the Cult of LGBTQ at their expense.

That any state would dare to even propose a ban is problematic to the AP, which is taking an offensive position against female athletes who are concerned about being passed over for scholarships or being unfairly disadvantaged in some other way.

“The next generation of female athletes in South Carolina may not have a chance to excel,” says Rep. Ashley Trantham from the Palmetto State, which is one such state trying to ban the practice.

Legislators in Tennessee, Mississippi, Montana, and elsewhere are doing the same, pointing to cases like transgender sprinters Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, both of whom cheated to win 15 championship races. Miller and Yearwood are both biological males, yet they competed against all biological females.

To the AP, however, there is “no authoritative count” as to how many trans athletes have unfairly competed like this. As a result, there is no justification for trying to ban the trans agenda from high school or college sports.

“Transgender adults make up a small portion of the U.S. population, about 1.3 million as of 2016,” the AP contends, citing research from the Williams Institute, a think tank based out of the University of California, Los Angeles.

The AP is far more concerned about transgender teens who might be “devastat[ed]” by legislation that seeks to protect real women against having their sports and livelihoods ruined by a bunch of deranged mental cases.

The AP further cited an alleged instance of a 12-year-old transgender “girl” from Utah who supposedly cried upon hearing about a proposal in “her” state. The mentally ill babe claims to have worked very hard to improve “her” times in swimming, but is not one of the dominant ones in her age group.

“Other than body parts, I’ve been a girl my whole life,” the biological boy is quoted as saying.

The group Alliance Defending Freedom has taken a stand against this transgender invasion, citing the fact that “women lose” often in sports due to biological men pretending to be “women” participating in competitions.

“When the law does not recognize differences between men and women, we’ve seen that women lose,” says attorney Christiana Holcomb, who filed a lawsuit on behalf of four girls from Connecticut who were disenfranchised after having to compete against trannies.

The only news agency Hitler approved of was the Associated Press

It is important to point out that this is hardly the first time the AP has been on the wrong side of history. Back in the 1930s, the news agency entered into a formal partnership with Adolph Hitler’s Nazi regime, supplying American newspapers with pro-Nazi propaganda.

Much like how it is now feeding Americans pro-LGBTQ propaganda, the AP coordinated with Hitler to align both national and international press with the official narrative. Competitor news outlets like Keystone and Wide World Photos that employed Jewish journalists were eventually forced to close.

As it turns out, the AP, which describes itself as the “marine corps of journalism,” was the only Western news agency that was allowed to remain open in Hitler’s Germany. It remained that way until the United States entered the war in 1941.

The only way the AP was able to maintain this close relationship with Hitler and the Nazis was by entering into a mutually beneficial two-way agreement that required the AP to relinquish control of its news output.

The AP essentially promised Hitler that it would never publish anything “calculated to weaken the strength of the (Third) Reich abroad or at home.” The AP has continued this trend even into 2021 with the Fourth Reich, which is run by far-leftists and LGBTQ extremists.

“This law required AP to hire reporters who also worked for the Nazi party’s propaganda division,” writes Philip Oltermann, a Berlin-based reporter for The Guardian.

“One of the four photographers employed by the Associated Press in the 1930s, Franz Roth, was a member of the SS paramilitary unit’s propaganda division, whose photographs were personally chosen by Hitler. AP has removed Roth’s pictures from its website since (historian Harriet) Scharnberg published her findings, though thumbnails remain viewable due to ‘software issues.'”

The AP also routinely allowed the Nazi regime to use its photo archives for the purpose of publishing “virulently antisemitic propaganda literature.” Some of these photographs were designed to portray Jewish Americans as decadent so as to pit the American public against them.

“Instead of printing pictures of the days-long Lviv pogroms with its thousands of Jewish victims, the American press was only supplied with photographs showing the victims of the Soviet police and ‘brute’ Red Army war criminals,” Scharnberg told The Guardian.

This sure says a lot about why the AP still operates the way it does today, wouldn’t you agree?

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