Record cold March in the north of the European part of Russia

January temperatures in March. In some regions, temperatures have dropped to -40 ° C and below.

In the north of the European territory, frosts of up to minus thirty degrees have already been established, and in several cities on the night of the first spring holidays, the temperature dropped to record lows.

In addition to the already record low values, frosts intensified from the Kola Peninsula to Vorkuta.

In the Murmansk region, the record holder was the village of Krasnoshchelye, where the temperature dropped to -34.5 ° C.

In the Arkhangelsk region, the city of Mezen, located northeast of the regional center, stood out with a new daily minimum of -31.9 ° C.

In the Komi Republic, the temperature record was set in Pechora with a low temperature of -38.1 ° C.

Unusual cold weather persisted in northern Europe on Tuesday evening. In the Vorkuta area, the temperature dropped to -40 ° C, and even lower in some areas.

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