34,000 earthquakes in two weeks near Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland – 900% more activity since 2020

The Meteorological Office reported that the total number of earthquakes this morning exceeded 34,000, and it can be assumed that they are now exceeding 35,000.

There are more earthquakes in this area than in all of 2020. And that year was considered very busy on the peninsula. For comparison, in 2019, only 3,400 earthquakes occurred on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

The Scientific Council is meeting today to review the latest satellite imagery and information. Their results said:

– The magma channel continues to expand, and most of the magma flow is confined to its southern end. As magma continues to flow into the corridor, it is to be expected that it can break through in the area. As the current situation continues, the likelihood of an eruption increases.

“It is important to closely monitor activity on the southern slopes of Fagradalsfjall to see if this activity is a sign that the magma channel is expanding southward.

Processing of satellite images obtained this morning and the latest GPS measurements confirm that magma collection is still limited at the southern end of the magma tunnel that stretches from Keilir to Fagradalsfjall. This site is still considered the most likely site in the event of an eruption.

– If the magma flow continues to expand and cause stress in the area, earthquakes in localities such as those that have occurred in the past 24 hours can be expected.

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