Psychiatrist says the world is suffering from “mass delusional psychosis” because of pandemic

(Planet-Today) A psychiatrist has claimed that the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has caused the world to suffer from “mass delusional psychosis.” Dr. Mark McDonald said the true public health crisis is not COVID-19 itself, but the fear of contracting it. He expressed concern that this “highly irrational” fear will have a lasting effect on children, since their own parents and grandparents are responsible for instilling this reaction.

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McDonald cited a December 2020 article written by S.G. Cheah for Evie Magazine. Her article mentioned a number of otherwise irrational behaviors that have become normalized in the current time. These included parents being kicked off planes because their children were not wearing masks, and people having hysterical meltdowns when they see someone without a face covering.

Cheah remarked that many still enter a state of hysteria when they see someone without a mask, even though the person is perfectly healthy and does not have any respiratory issues. This is a highly irrational state without any basis in reality, she remarked. Cheah elaborated: “Instead of facing reality, the delusional person would rather live in their world of make-believe. [Others] have to play along with how they view the [make-believe] world – otherwise, their world will not make sense to them. It’s [the reason] why the delusional person will get angry when they face someone who doesn’t conform to their world view.”

The psychiatrist said the people Cheah described suffer from delusional psychosis. Seeing the prevalence of this psychosis made McDonald realize something. He explained: “It became clear to me … within the first two or three weeks in March [2020] that it was fear. Since then, the fear … has morphed and evolved … [into] an actual belief that is against reality.”

McDonald continued that these delusional people “believe they are going to die – no matter what age [or] state or health they’re in – if they don’t leave their house with a mask and gloves on every day and run from [other human beings.]” He remarked: “That’s delusional psychosis. It’s false, it’s wrong [and] it’s not backed up by evidence. And many, many Americans are living that and believing that.

Children are at the most risk of suffering from the effects of this delusional psychosis

McDonald expressed particular concern about the possible consequences of this widespread psychosis on children as they grow up. The issue is of particular significance to him as he specializes in treating children and adolescents. Since the lockdown began in March 2020, McDonald saw a massive spike in mental health problems among younger cohorts.

He cited recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing a 400 percent increase in adolescent depression compared to a year ago. Teenagers involved in 25 percent of these cases have contemplated suicide, which McDonald remarked as unheard of. According to the psychiatrist, being disconnected from other people is a primary cause of depression – especially among children and adolescents. He continued that people need physical contact and emotional intimacy to feel safe around others and within themselves, and digital interactions cannot simply replace actual ones.

Aside from depression, children may also suffer from trauma stemming from the idea that they may kill their parents or grandparents simply by being around them. Cheah noted that young people are being conditioned to feel guilty about certain behaviors that would usually be considered normal. She commented: “It’s not normal for children to grow up thinking that everyone is a danger to everyone else.”

The writer cited in her piece for Evie Magazine an example of hysterical adults calling a toddler who refuses to mask up a “brat.” Before the pandemic, a child resisting a mask on their face would be perfectly normal behavior.

McDonald commented that the proliferation of delusional behavior was “a mass-casualty event,” pointing his fingers at adults for instilling fear in children – to the point that the young ones do not feel life is worth living anymore. Fortunately, he proposed that adults also have a role to play in reversing this delusion. “It’s up to us adults to fix this, because children are not going to be able to fix this themselves,” McDonald said.

The psychiatrist suggested to Mercola a number of things adults can do to “escape the proverbial asylum” and restore sanity. McDonald exhorted people to reject the idea that mask-wearing is a good thing because it is done out of fear and compliance. He also called on healthy people to avoid wearing masks, physically distancing themselves and putting themselves in self-quarantine. These strategies promote the delusional psychosis occurring alongside the pandemic and are also unhealthy from a physical standpoint, McDonald explained.

Lastly, he also emphasized the use of treatments such as vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and zinc against COVID-19. McDonald said these simple, inexpensive and readily available medications can help protect those at greatest risk – namely elderly people with comorbidities and those in poor health. has more about the psychosis happening alongside the coronavirus pandemic.

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