MEDICAL SHOCKER: The “other” China Virus – the deadly Chinese pig circovirus purposely engineered into the U.S. rotavirus vaccinations given to children

MEDICAL SHOCKER: The “other” China Virus – the deadly Chinese pig circovirus purposely engineered into the U.S. rotavirus vaccinations given to children
(Planet-Today) Meet the leading apologist for the vaccine industry poisons today. Known for his toxic “RotaTeq” rotavirus vaccine that he patented using a deadly porcine virus, Paul Offit has made millions of dollars selling his insidious, dirty vaccines to the CDC and recommending them for all infants, while he continues to bankroll off auspiciously sick children at his hospital known as C.H.O.P. (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). A vaccine that has never been proven to work, both Rotavirus vaccines contain a deadly porcine (pig) virus that has absolutely NO BUSINESS as an ingredient in a childhood vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter.

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Why would a vaccine manufacturer put strains of a deadly animal virus in a vaccine that’s supposed to help prevent children from getting bacterial infections that cause diarrhea? Nobody can answer that question, including CHOP-man Offit.

Back in 2008, vaccine industry puppet Offit pocketed millions of Pharma dollars for inventing this dirty vaccine. His ultimate goal is to have every infant in America injected with multiple strains of deadly pig viruses by age two. The striking similarities between the side effects from getting the Rotavirus vaccine and the health problems the oral vaccine is supposed to protect against are overwhelmingly congruent. Take a look.

The vaccine supposedly protects against rotavirus infection that causes fever, vomiting and diarrhea, leading to loss of body fluids, dehydration, hospitalization and death. Yet, the vaccine itself commonly causes diarrhea, vomiting, fever, wheezing, coughing, ear infection, severe stomach pain, blood in the stool and intussusception, where part of the intestine gets blocked or twisted.

Deadly pig virus infections cause the same critical health conditions as the deadly rotavirus vaccines – coincidence?

All of these horrible health conditions are listed on the vaccine insert as disclaimers and side effects, and reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). Intussusception is deadly, and can occur days or weeks after vaccination, showing an increased risk at 3 weeks after the first dose of RotaTeq, and an especially high risk in the first week.

Other allergic reactions to the deadly pig virus-containing vaccine include face and mouth swelling, difficulty breathing, and wait for it… Kawasaki disease, which affects the heart and can also be fatal for infants. Of course, doctors “don’t know” what causes Kawasaki disease.

The deadly disorder called intussusception, most likely caused by Rotavirus vaccines, causes part of the bowel to slide into the next section, like a telescope

How can an evil doctor make the most money possible? Invent a vaccine that makes infants deathly sick, make a fortune off the patent, then pretend to treat all the sick kids for anything else but the real cause. In fact, when intussusception happens, the flow of fluids and food through the bowel gets blockaded, and the intestines swell and bleed. Sounds like a very lucrative “treatment plan” for Dr. Offit. It gets worse.

The child suffers intolerable stomach pain, as the blood supply to the affected areas of the intestine gets completely cut off. In time, that section of the bowel dies off. This results in a medical emergency that just so happens to be the MOST COMMON abdominal emergency in children under 2 years of age. Now, what’s the title of the program that the insidious Dr. Paul Offit promotes nationwide? It’s called “Every child by two.”

Again, American doctors can never criticize or blame vaccines for any health damage, so doctors are instructed by the AMA, FDA and CDC to pretend they have no idea what causes intussusception. They just blindly and vaguely point the finger at the common cold or flu and sling more toxic prescriptions at the family.

Worried about catching the deadly China virus? Avoid getting vaccines that contain deadly Chinese porcine virus strains

The theory on vaccines is simple. Give a child a tiny fragment or weakened strain of a virus, and that child’s immune system will create antibodies to fight it, so in the future the body will quickly recognize the virus and be ready to win the battle. But what if the virus is secretly contained in a vaccine in order to make a child deathly sick for profit? Is that ethical? Is it legal? Can the vaccine industry start putting cancer strains in vaccines? Guess what – they already did. Read about the disturbing link between vaccines and pediatric cancer. In fact, one of the most famous vaccine developers in the world, who worked for Merck, admitted that vaccines ROUTINELY contain hidden cancer viruses derived from diseased monkeys.

Still, every doctor in America swears that every vaccine is 100 percent safe and 100 percent effective 100 percent of the time. It’s scripted and regurgitated to every parent at every doctor visit. To top that off, Paul “Vaccine Industry Puppet” Offit says kids and adults alike could get 10,000 vaccines all at once and walk away just fine. Sure Paul. Sounds terrific. You should demo that first on live television to prove it.

Tune your internet dial to and find out about more ingredients that cause disease and disorder in humans that the medical industry uses to keep children sick and make boatloads of cold hard cash from it. Choose natural health and clean medicine that’s safe. This has been a public service message from Natural Health News.

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