Former State Department investigator concludes coronavirus escaped from a Wuhan bioweapons lab

Former State Department investigator concludes coronavirus escaped from a Wuhan bioweapons lab

(Planet-Today) Did the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) escape from communist China’s only level-four biosafety laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)? According to David Asher, the former State Department lead investigator for the Chinese virus, the answer is yes.

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Asher, who is now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, told Fox News during a recent interview that he believes the Wuhan flu is “a weapons vector gone awry.” Many other scientists would seem to agree.

“If you believe, as I do, that this … [was] not deliberately released by in development and then somehow leaked, this has turned out to be the greatest weapon in history,” Asher told a Hudson Institute panel about the alleged origins of the plandemic.

“You’ve taken out 15 to 20 percent of global GDP,” he added. “You’ve killed millions of people. The Chinese population has been barely affected. Their economies roared back to being number one in the entire G20.”

Asher is really pushing the notion that the whole thing was some kind of accident, and that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) here in the United States, which has for years been funneling American taxpayer dollars to the WIV, was unaware of what was really taking place.

“The Wuhan Institute of Virology is not the National Institutes of Health,” Asher told Fox. “It was operating a secret, classified program. In my view, and I’m just one person, my view is it was a biological weapons program.”

Asher is considered to be a “follow the money” guy, Fox reported. He has conducted numerous classified intelligence investigations for both the State Department and the Treasury, and under both Democratic and Republican administrations.

“He led the team that uncovered the international nuclear procurement network run by the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, AQ Khan, and uncovered key parts of North Korea’s secret uranium enrichment,” a Fox report explains.

“He believes the Chinese Communist Party has been involved in a massive cover-up during the past 14 months.”

Fauci and the CCP are guilty of committing crimes against humanity

Asher served in the same capacity at the State Department during the 2003 SARS “outbreak,” noting that the CCP’s behavior today concerning the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is similar to how they behaved back then.

“Motive, cover-up, conspiracy, all the hallmarks of guilt are associated with this,” he is quoted as saying. “And the fact that the initial cluster of victims surrounded the very institute that was doing the highly dangerous, if not dubious, research is significant.”

The CCP remains insistent that the Chinese virus came from a Wuhan seafood market, even though it has been proven that the first known “case” had no connection at all to this market.

Last fall, the U.S. obtained intelligence that it claims there was an outbreak of the virus among lab scientists working at the WIV. They developed flu-like symptoms and some of them had to be hospitalized. This was in November 2019 before communist China reported its first alleged case of the Wuhan flu.

Asher and other panel experts from the Hudson Institute also say that back in 2007, communist China announced that it would begin work on genetic bioweapons using controversial “gain of function” research, which supposedly makes viruses more lethal.

Fauci, we now know, was complicit in “hot wiring” coronaviruses with this gain of function engineering.

“China has been involved in this type of virus research since 2003, the SARS outbreak,” confirmed State Department official Miles Yu. “China’s biosafety standard is really low and is very dangerous. So, this is an accident waiting to happen.”

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