For decades, U.S. Presidents have signed Executive Orders that activate a DICTATORSHIP during a “national emergency”

(Planet-Today) For several decades, Republican and Democrat Presidents alike have subtly subverted the US Constitution and concentrated power into the hands of the few. US elected officials have left a long, bloody trail of executive orders that make a mockery of the Constitution’s original intent. From the late John F. Kennedy to the most recent Biden regime, Presidents have been pressured and used to implement executive orders that expand the power of an authoritarian government, while providing pathways for globalists, big banks, foreign powers and multinational corporations to subvert the God-given rights of the people. These executive orders are not of, by, and for the people. These executive orders are above, against, and in spite of the people. Further examination of these executive orders reveals the extent to which elected officials are under pressure to turn America over to a shadow government – a government where globalists dictate American policy and reign supreme over American industry, economics and law.

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In the past year alone, this shadow government has made it clear that they will quash any US President who dares to speak up about their crimes. This shadow government will go to great lengths, utilizing vast federal resources and intelligence operations to spy on their opposition, frame them for crimes they did not commit, defame their character, and censor them into oblivion. Gone are the days of straightforward assassination. Any President who speaks up about globalization, the new world order, election fraud, and ‘the great reset’ will endure persistent, coordinated retaliation.

Americans are losing their rights because past Presidents have already installed the infrastructure to prop up a dictatorship

In compliance with this new world order and the great reset, the currently-installed Biden regime will continue to fulfill the long-term goal of destroying the American republic and its most virtuous principles. Here are some of the most seditious executive orders that have been signed by previous Presidents. These longstanding executive orders already provide a pathway for a total takeover of America’s original, Constitutional republic.

The federal government already has control over all fuel and transportation, which is why the Biden regime is so confident that provisions in the Green New Deal will go into effect automatically, with no rational forethought and with no public input or majority vote. Under Executive Order 10990, the government claimed ownership over all modes of transportation. Under Executive Order 10997, the government claimed ownership over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals. The price of gasoline is currently skyrocketing because the fossil fuel industry must now prepare their reserves so they will have more leverage to face the federal government’s inevitable, forced transition to alternative energy sources.

This is just the beginning. Under Executive Order 10998, the government claims authority over all farmland and food resources. This is how the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Land Management have gotten away with killing rancher’s cattle, raiding raw milk farmers, and taking property from innocent Americans during the Obama/Biden Presidency.

The reason the Biden regime is so confident in their ability to subvert the rights of Americans at all seaports and airports is due to Executive Order 11003 and Executive Order 11005. These orders have already declared federal control over all transportation infrastructure — including airports, railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities. This is why Americans are treated like slaves at airports, forced to mask and unmask at the behest of the government while they are groped, scanned and detained at the will of a federal officer.

Decades of authoritarian executive orders can be put into action under a future “national emergency”

Why were lock downs so arrogantly executed in 2020? Under Executive Order 11001, the government can take over all health, education and welfare functions of the country. The Department of the Treasury has radically altered monetary policy during this time, implementing new systems of financial dependence to increase American compliance with insidious spending packages abroad. Moreover, the CDC now dictates all aspects of society, forcing behavioral controls and illegal quarantines on healthy people. Education systems are either shut down entirely or they are being designed to take away parental rights, forcing kids into intermittent quarantines, indefinite masking, and mental servitude.

Worse yet are Executive Orders 11051 and 11310, which give the President total dictatorial control over the country during a future “national emergency.” Lacking principles, mental acuity, fortitude and autonomy, the current “commander in chief” is the perfect pawn to put America in a desperate state, on its knees, giving up its republic.

If these emergency powers are invoked, the Office of Emergency Planning would ignite all past executive orders to life, and the Department of Justice would mobilize all their resources to enforce these orders. This can all be done during increased international tensions and economic crisis, issues that are accelerating like never before in American history. It won’t be long before the government asserts absolute power in a future crisis, whether its “insurrection,” “gun violence,” “a public health emergency,” etc. In this crisis, every last American principle will be suspended. Don’t believe this is coming? The lock downs of 2020 proved that government can suspend the rule of law and dictate the God-given rights of Americans. As long as the officials in charge can justify that there is an “emergency,” they will claim absolute dictatorial power.

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