Fauci desperately wants to rollout Vaccine Passports and grant vaccine companies absolute control over your life

(Planet-Today) Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared in a recent interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. As usual, Stephanopoulos asked no serious questions and went along with every controlling suggestion that Fauci made, while prodding viewers to obey the expert and follow his data.

(Article by Lance D Johnson republished from NaturalNews.com)

Fauci took his usual authoritarian approach, advising Americans to get the covid vaccines as soon as they become available. However, Fauci also warned that the vaccines do not “stop the spread” of the virus, and vaccinated people must continue to wear a mask and avoid others even after multiple vaccinations. The control never ends. Submission to fear leads to compliance with abuse, but the ultimate lever of power over American society is yet to be pulled.

Fauci trying to establish the narrative that the vaccines don’t work unless everyone complies

Vaccination was once a promise of individual immunity; now authorities are using vaccination as a threat to take away people’s freedom, a way to control people’s behavior even after they submit to the vaccines, again and again. Fauci and the rest of the vaccine industry are desperately trying to instill a narrative that the vaccines will only work if everyone complies. From the beginning of the plandemic, Fauci lied about asymptomatic spread, forcing Americans to live in a state of fight or flight, paranoia and isolation indefinitely.

Fauci is using the lie of “asymptomatic spread” to his advantage yet again, but this time he has the fearful, vaccinated minds under his spell, under his control. He is telling the vaccinated minds to continue to live in masks, isolation and fear, until everyone complies with the vaccines. Fauci will only be satisfied once the vaccine industry has complete control over every individual, their mentality, their behavior, their compliance, their voice and their freedom.

Fauci is the man behind the shutdowns, the man who destroyed people’s businesses and threatened human rights. Fauci refuses to talk about the fallibility of covid-19 testing and how the testing was used to artificially inflate case counts and death counts and to make the vaccines appear efficacious in clinical trials. Fauci downplayed viable treatments and immune boosting strategies to ensure that experimental vaccines were given emergency authorization from the FDA. The vaccines could only be granted emergency authorization if there was no official treatment for covid-19. Because Fauci downplayed treatment options and healthy solutions for fighting infections, he put tens of thousands of lives at risk.

Fauci’s comments reveal he ultimately wants a system to force vaccine compliance

Fauci gave a clue of what is to come: “When you get two people who are vaccinated and protected together, like in a home setting, you could have two people that would not need to do that (mask and isolate).”

Those who “do their part” and comply with all the vaccines will eventually be granted their freedom only if a system is setup to ensure that everyone is “protected” by the vaccines. Vaccine Passports will be introduced to American society, ushering in a new era of medical force and medical discrimination. Once the vaccines are made available to all Americans, Fauci and the rest of the vaccine industry will begin to blame the unvaccinated for the spread of the virus in the community and praise the “data” that shows how the vaccinated are protected.

The vaccinated will be hailed as “protected” and the unvaccinated will be shamed as a “threat to public health.” The vaccinated will be pitted against the unvaccinated and the discrimination will commence. The Vaccine Passport is already being implemented in Israel to fulfill one of the main objectives of the plandemic. Human rights, informed consent and medical privacy are suddenly being replaced with medical tyranny, discrimination and satanic-level deceit. Anthony Fauci will ultimately have to answer for his role in creating this hell.

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