EXPOSED: Chemtrails hint at ongoing “New Manhattan Project” to alter Earth’s atmosphere

(Planet-Today) The chemtrails that we see in our skies today are connected to a global weather modification project that stems from the WWII-era Manhattan Project, according to an exposé by researcher Peter A. Kirby. Like its predecessor, the “new Manhattan Project” is a complex and highly secretive military science project.

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In fact, some of the scientists who worked on the original atomic weapon Manhattan Project have compared the power of the atomic bomb to that of storms. Many of the project’s most important scientists went on to carry out work in atmospheric science and weather modification.

According to Kirby, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the modern project’s main center for research and development, particularly its Radiation Laboratory, or Rad Lab. In his book, Chemtrails Exposed: The New Manhattan Project, he exposes how the military/industrial/academic complex that was established during WWII has enabled the development of technology that now plays a starring role in the New Manhattan Project global weather modification efforts.

Some of the research used in the project comes from Nikola Tesla, Kirby believes. Tesla first conceived of plans for manipulating weather using electromagnetic energy. When he died, many of his scientific papers and instruments were confiscated by the U.S. government, and it was just three years afterward that Bernard Vonnegut and two other General Electric scientists kicked off the New Manhattan Project.

The expert tasked with reviewing Tesla’s papers was Radiation Lab Steering Committee member and Assistant Director John G. Trump, who went on to serve as head of MIT Radiation Lab’s British Branch. Scientists at the Rad Lab made important early advancements in ionospheric heaters and air traffic control using electromagnetic energy.

The Rad Lab went on to become MIT’s Research Laboratory of Electronics’ Basic Research Division. Now, ionospheric heaters based on their technology are creating electromagnetic energy to modify the weather.

Kirby says that the substance being sprayed into the atmosphere routinely is coal fly ash, which is the smoke that comes from burning coal and is a waste product from the electrical power industry. Disposing of it properly is very costly, and the high volumes at which it is steadily created mean a constant supply for geoengineering.

Coal fly ash is removed from the exhaust systems of power plants with an electrostatic precipitator. It first electrically charges the ash particles and then attracts them to plates with the opposite charge so they can be removed.

It’s not the first time electrical power companies have gotten involved in weather modification. They have long been spraying silver iodide from generators in the ground to make it snow, Kirby says, creating runoff that fills up mountain reservoirs and is used to generate hydroelectric power.

Motives for weather manipulation

Kirby points out that there are many motives for manipulating the weather, such as playing the financial markets that rise and fall according to the weather, like catastrophe reinsurance and weather derivatives, as well as energy and agricultural commodities. Weather determines what people do every day and has an outsized influence on our lives.

He writes: “With foreknowledge of the weather, so many scams could be concocted that it boggles the mind. Weather routinely changes the course of Human history. It determines what we do every day. It determines the outcomes of wars and influences elections. Control of the weather is God-like power. Money and power junkies want it.”

Unfortunately, humans are paying a high price for all this. Coal fly ash contains aluminum, and since coal fly ash started being used for geoengineering, neurological diseases connected to aluminum exposure such as Alzheimer’s, autism, Parkinson’s, and ADHD have grown exponentially.

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