Emergency VACCINE ALERT edition: Situation Update, March 16, 2021

Emergency VACCINE ALERT edition: Situation Update, March 16, 2021

(Planet-Today) The mass vaccination of the human population is turning vaccinated people into “super strain” factories who are churning out mutant, deadly strains of coronavirus that may devastate humanity. A top vaccine scientist (Dr. Bossche) is warning that mass vaccinations may create an “unstoppable monster” and that mass vaccinations during the pandemic could transform the relatively harmless coronavirus we first saw (SARS-cov-2) into a deadly “biological weapon.”

(Article by Mike Adams republished from NaturalNews.com)

The current vaccine, meanwhile, is not only approaching the point of being completely obsolete as viral immunity is quickly achieved; it also permanently impairs the innate immune response to future coronavirus variants, leaving vaccinated individuals totally vulnerable and defenseless against exposure to mutant coronavirus variants.

The net result is the very real possibility of a global mass death event that could potentially kill hundreds of millions of people and shatter world economies, governments and entire nations.

Yet the obstinate, arrogant, criminal vaccine industry and its media propaganda pushers are aggressively demanding vaccines for everyone, utterly oblivious to the mass death they are likely unleashing for themselves and others.

In my emergency “vaccine alert” edition of today’s Situation Update podcast, I reveal shocking conclusions from the public documents of Dr. Bossche, found at this link, which spell out a dire warning for humanity. Be sure to also see yesterday’s feature story at NaturalNews.com, which provides important details on all this.

Here’s some of what I cover in today’s podcast:

  • How the vaccinated will be killing the vaccinated as they all share super strains they breed in their own bodies.
  • Why healthy people must avoid the vaccinated in order to evade the super strains they are shedding.
  • How the vaccine industry deliberately set this up as a global depopulation biological weapon system, knowing they could brainwash the gullible into begging for vaccines.
  • Why it’s already too late to save hundreds of millions of people who may die over the next few years as a result of today’s risky mass vaccination campaigns.
  • Why innate immunity is vastly superior to artificial vaccine immunity, and why only the “innate” immune people are likely to survive the global super strains created by the vaccines.
  • What this all has in common with hospital superbugs such as MRSA, c.diff, etc., and how doctors overprescribed antibiotics in the same way they are pushing vaccines today.

Get all these details and more in today’s emergency alert podcast:


Discover another bombshell podcast coming tomorrow morning at:


Coming in tomorrow’s podcast: A special discussion entitled, “Vaccine BIOWEAPONS and the engineered EXTERMINATION of the human race.” Don’t miss it.

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