“Cultured meat?” Just a trendy-sounding name for lab-concocted, genetically-mutated cancer food

(Planet-Today) We’ve seen it all with this fake meat frenzy. We’ve seen nasty, pink, jiggling meat stuff being grown in beakers at the laboratories from stem cells. Fake meat that bleeds is supposed to be appealing to people trying to substitute literally anything for their carnivorous habit that’s slowly robbing their health. The little lab freaks in their white coats and gloves are trying to convince the world their meat is now “cultured” somehow, using any buzz words to sell their toxic, cancer-laden Franken-food.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from NaturalNews.com)

What will they falsely claim next, that it’s sustainable, or “all-natural,” or even “clean meat?” Too late, they already use that term. To make matters worse, most lab grown meat-burger-things are chock full of chemical-laden preservatives, like canola oil and monosodium glutamate. Let’s take a look at the devolution of lab-grown meat, since its origins in 2013.

The first Frankenburger was created by a tissue engineering professor in the Netherlands. The goal was to trick meat eaters into thinking it was natural. Now restaurants across the globe serve fake meat that’s experimental and has NEVER been tested for safety with humans, except as a live, ongoing experiment without their permission right now. Sure, there are many plant-based alternatives to “burgers,” but that’s a different story, where vegetarians and vegans alike are searching for actual food from nature, like beans, peas, soy, squash, beets, mushrooms, and so on. Still, Big Food and Biotech want to ruin the health of everyone, not just the carnivores, so why not try to fool all the healthy people too, or at least most of them.

Introducing the disturbing reality of genetically mutated meat cells grown in laboratory beakers

Anytime any consumer rejects any kind of food that’s made or altered in a lab, the biotech shills and hucksters call us all “anti-science,” but the real science reveals inherent dangers in altering the DNA of food and then consuming it regularly. Screwing around with your DNA, your gut ecosystem of good/bad bacteria, and your immune system is always considered flirting with disaster. If lab-made food does ever dominate the food supply, we will all witness an onslaught of new cases of cancer, dementia, disease, disorder and health anomalies no doctors will be able to solve.

Now these lab freaks are modifying dairy products in the spooky, secretive laboratories. These are produced from microorganisms that are fermented, and they’re calling it “cellular agriculture” so it won’t sound so Frankenstein. Here’s how they do it. After extracting stem cells from muscle tissue, Dr. Jekyll (soon to be Mr. Hyde after he eats enough of it) feeds those cells while restructuring them with bioreactors. Then it’s all multiplied, like cancer cells, without any testing for human consumption safety.

Frankenfood from lab-grown cells now horrifically produced on 3D printers

After the insidious Bill Gates blocks out the sun in order to save Earth from fake global warming, he plans to feed the world Frankenfood and inject everyone with nanoparticles that cause disease and sterility (that’s already happening with Covid vaccines, by the way). That deadly, genetically mutated, lab-concocted, unnatural food will be literally printed by a magnetic 3D printer. Humans will be eating genetically mutated animal muscle tissue grown from cells in a Petri dish and wondering why they are experiencing systemic health failure across the board. What could possibly be wrong doctor?

Once lab-grown Frankenmeat is produced on an industrial scale, more ignorant consumers will buy it because it will be cheap, like fast food now. That’s the ultimate goal of biotech, to make cancer food in laboratories and ship it out to every restaurant and supermarket on the planet. No more farms. No more natural anything. Eventually the end-game is to serve us all human meat and waste (think Soylent Green here), but that’s going to really require some flavoring experts.

Let’s face it, people switch to plant-based eating lifestyles to get healthy and stay healthy, not to get sick and stay sick. It really has little to do with eating food that looks, smells, tastes, and bleeds like meat. Plus, people who avoid meat and dairy, in general, aren’t clogging up their blood vessels with animal fat, that we all know leads to heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

Tune your internet dial to FoodSupply.news for updates on lab-grown Frankenmeat posing as “cultured meat” or “clean meat” when it’s everything but that.

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