COVID TORTURE: Canadian medical group wants to imprison young children who might have been exposed to coronavirus

(Planet-Today) In the event that a child is sent home from school because a classmate tests “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), Peel Health of Canada wants that child to be isolated in solitary confinement away from friends and even family members for a full two weeks.

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This was stated in new guidelines issued by Peel, which are already being condemned by watchdog groups as cruel and unusual punishment against innocent little ones, not to mention the fact that it is a completely unscientific suggestion.

“This is cruel punishment for a child, especially for younger children 4-10 years old,” says Dr. Susan Richardson, a microbiologist and infectious disease physician who is also a professor emerita at the University of Toronto, as quoted by The Sun.

“Shutting a child off from their parents and siblings for up to 14 days in this manner could produce significant and long-lasting emotional and psychological effects.”

According to Peel, even if a child does not show any symptoms and was merely in the same classroom as another child who tested “positive,” he or she should “stay in a separate bedroom” and “eat in a separate room apart from others.”

“If the child must leave their [sic] room, they [sic] should wear a mask and stay 2 metres apart from others,” the guidelines further state. “It is strongly recommended to test for COVID-19 on or after the date listed in your letter.”

If there are other children living within the same home, they, too, should stay home from school or child care until the other child returns back to school or child care.

These other children do not need to self-isolate in a separate room, according to Peel, however they “should not go out to play with friends or see family who don’t live with [them].”

Coronavirus restrictions are child abuse

As for the parents, they are somehow okay going to work unless the child “develops symptoms or tests positive.” If the child seems just fine, then everyone else in the house can go about their normal lives while the child must remain alone and isolated for two weeks.

Such guidelines are inconsistent and nonsensical, of course, which is to be expected considering the source. These constantly moving goalposts seem designed to intentionally cause as much anguish, confusion, anxiety and terror as possible, which in and of itself is a crime against humanity.

“This does not seem practically possible and is highly likely to cause harm to children who would already be experiencing considerable distress with having to remain home,” warned Dr. Tess Clifford, director of the Psychology Clinic at Queen’s University, in an email to The Sun about the draconian recommendations.

Those making decisions about such matters need to do a better job of measuring the needs of different types of children across multiple domains of health – meaning children’s individual needs must be taken into account before potentially inflicting even worse harm on them in the form of solitary confinement.

“I don’t understand how any health-care professional has moved so far away from the fundamentals of public health and of doing no harm that they would think that basically incarcerating a child in a room for 14 days is in any way justified,” added Dr. Martha Fulford, an infectious disease physician at Hamilton Health Science who specializes in pediatrics.

“This is shocking, especially when you consider this is being proposed for children who are not in any way sick.”

Peel’s recommendations are further perplexing when considering the fact that the government’s own narrative maintains that school-aged children have almost no risk of contracting or spreading the Chinese virus as it is.

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