Covid-19 is just the beginning as communist China plots new killer viruses

Covid-19 is just the beginning as communist China plots new killer viruses

(Planet-Today) The Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is not the only trick up communist China’s sleeve, says conservative columnist Gordon Chang.

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Chang told War Room that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is working on other designer viruses that it intends to unleash upon civilization that will kill untold millions of people.

“We’ve obviously got to do something and the reason is this is not the last pathogen that will come from Chinese soil,” Chang is quoted as saying. “Xi Jinping now knows he can spread disease virtually without cost.”

In other words, these hypothetical “viruses” do not even have to be real. Similar to computer viruses, they could spread digitally via the mainstream media and establishment “sick care” systems and still “infect” the world with fear and paranoia.

These future fake viruses will lead to more mass vaccination, which in turn will destroy people’s health while killing many of them. This process is the true virus, of course, and it is being used right this moment in response to fears about the Wuhan flu to massively depopulate the world.

“China is working on pathogens that will leave the Chinese alone,” claims Chang. “The Chinese will be immune. But they will sicken everyone else.”

“China is working on civilization killers,” he adds. “This could leave China as the only viable society.”

More related news about the current Chinese virus along with future ones soon to be unleashed can be found at

American taxpayers are paying for their own extermination

It is important to remind our readers that China is not paying for these operations with its own money. The regime is using American taxpayer money to fund the destruction of other civilizations, including the United States.

The CCP’s illegal “gain of function” research is bankrolled by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a major division of which is controlled by fake television doctor Anthony Fauci.

“A guy named Fauci [was] responsible for a $3.7 million grant in 2015,” Chang explains about the CCP’s source of cash for developing the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Such research is “indefensible,” Chang says. Conducting it here in the U.S. is illegal as well, so it was outsourced to communist China – perhaps the worst part being that American taxpayer dollars make it all happen.

China’s decades-long goal has been to depopulate the U.S. in order to colonize it, and the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) charade is moving that agenda along exactly as planned.

“We were one of the ethnicities that they had in mind for this purpose going back to 1991,” Gaffney said during an interview with Chang.

“Could it be possible that this gain of function experimentation being funded by taxpayers is in part enabling the generation of the ethnically targeted techniques by which we, those very same taxpayers, will be eliminated by communist China?”

Chang responded to this in the affirmative, adding, “there’s no question about it” when it comes to communist China’s plan for our country.

“It’s suicidal,” Gaffney responded back.

In other words, American taxpayers are funding their own extermination, as Fauci and others in the federal government funnel their money over to China for the purpose of developing new weapons of attack to obliterate our country.

Communist China is also attacking our country in other ways, including by demoralizing our nation’s people and turning our homeland into a third-world banana republic where the ruling class does whatever it wants outside of the law and gets away with it every single time.

“Just like I said once before: ‘The United States is becoming a carbon copy of Venezuela,'” one of our own commenters wrote on an article about the collapse of America.

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