Children’s court judge and organizer of “Drag Queen Story Hour” charged with seven counts of child pornography possession

Children’s court judge and organizer of “Drag Queen Story Hour” charged with seven counts of child pornography possession
(Planet-Today) Children’s Court Judge Brett Blomme of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin on Wednesday, March 17, has been charged with seven counts of child pornography possession.

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Blomme was accused of uploading videos and images depicting sexual abuse of toddlers and boys via the messaging app Kik. He has been temporarily suspended from judicial duties without pay by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The 38-year-old Blomme allegedly uploaded the material in October and November 2020 under the username “dommasterbb.” The name was registered on Kik using the email address [email protected]

According to the criminal complaint, this was the same email address used to communicate with Blomme’s Wisconsin court email, to order holiday cards with his family’s photo, to communicate with his children’s school and to refinance his home.

Kik provided several different IP addresses used by Blomme to upload and share videos. Two of the addresses were for a Milwaukee County government building, one was for Blomme’s home and one was for a friend’s home. The friend, referred to as “Individual B” in the complaint, said Blomme was at his home on the days that child pornography was uploaded on the dommasterbb account.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice opened the investigation after receiving a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Blomme was arrested in Dane County on Tuesday, March 16.

Blomme’s lawyer says accusations are “non-contact” offenses

A longtime activist promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) causes, Blomme previously served as the director of major gifts at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin for 18 months following his stint at the Madison City Attorney’s Office. From 2011 to 2015, he practiced criminal defense with the State Public Defender’s Office.

Blomme and his husband have two adopted children. They have two homes – a small duplex in Milwaukee and a larger home in the Village of Cottage Grove, a suburb of Madison area.

Christopher Van Wagner, Blomme’s defense lawyer, pointed out in court that the accusations in the complaint against his client were “non-contact” offenses.

“There is not a word in there [that] my client directly did anything that tried to put him in touch with any minors – his or anyone else’s,” Van Wagner said. “There’s not a scintilla of factual suggestion in the criminal complaint – other than the use of the internet – that he ever posed a danger to any children.”

Court Commissioner Brian Asmus allowed Blomme’s release on a signature bond. But Asmus banned Blomme from using social media and file-sharing applications and barred him from having “unsupervised contact with minors” except his children.

Blomme was elected to the court in the spring 2020 election, defeating incumbent Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Paul Dedinsky, an appointee of former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

He championed himself as “the progressive alternative” during the campaign.

Before being elected, Blomme was appointed by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett as head of the board of zoning appeals for the City of Milwaukee.

He was also a former head of the Cream City Foundation, which provides grant money to LGBTQ groups in the Milwaukee area. The foundation supports Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH), which had been accused of sexualizing very young children and of bringing convicted pedophiles in close proximity to kids by a Humans are Free article.

The article provided instances that support its accusation.

DQSH brings convicted pedophiles close to children

DQSH is an event for children hosted by drag queens who read children’s books and engage in other learning activities in public libraries.

In 2019, it was revealed that the Houston Public Library allowed a registered sex offender to read to children as part of DQSH. One of the program’s drag queens, 32-year-old Albert Alfonso Garza, was convicted of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old boy in 2008.

Another drag queen actively involved with readings of LGBTQ books to young children and infants at DQSH public library events throughout the greater Houston area has also been exposed as a convicted sex offender and pedophile, as well as a “transgender prostitute.”

According to records uncovered by MassResistance, William Travis Dees, the drag queen in question, is a member of the “Space City Sisters” drag queen group. He volunteered as a greeter for young children at various DQSH events and assumed other roles that allowed him close access to children.

In Austin, Texas, an elementary school invited a drag queen who turned out to be a convicted prostitute. The Blackshear Fine Arts Academy invited “Miss Kitty Litter ATX” – real name: David Robinson – to spend time and talk with kids.

Children’s book author Todd Barnes, whose books were frequently read at DQSH events across the country, was caught “liking” an Instagram picture posted by a proud pedophile. Barnes liked an image of a triangle spiral tattoo, which is a well-known pedophile symbol for a “boy lover.”

The hashtags accompanying the photo were #YBL (young boy lover), #gaypedo, #pedo, #boylove, #boylover and #youngboylover.

Dylan Pontiff, one of the most popular drag queens, had been grooming innocent, underage children into embracing the LGBTQ lifestyle.

“I’m here to let you know that this event is something that’s going to be very beautiful and for the children and the people that supported are going to realize that this is going to be the grooming of the next generation,” Pontiff said. “We are trying to groom the next generation to not see the way that they just did.”

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