Black man calls police on himself to try to recreate George Floyd incident for attention

(Planet-Today) A Washington man with dark skin was arrested on two counts of false reporting after it was determined that he staged a call to 911 in a failed attempt to make himself the next George Floyd.

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Tamon Leverette, who currently wears an ankle bracelet and is under supervision by the Department of Correction (DoC) for being affiliated with the “Bloods” gang, pretended to be a scared young woman who observed Leverette brandishing a weapon at the bus stop.

Leverette tried to mimic a female voice while calling 911, claiming his name was “Stacy Williams.”

“Well, I’m at the bus stop and there’s a colored young man, and I can see a pistol right there,” Leverette, pretending to be Williams, told the 911 operator in a poorly acted female voice.

“[He’s] too young to even have a pistol,” Leverette added. “He only looks 16, 17 years old … I saw him fidgeting a pistol at the bus stop, kind of scared me.”

The incident occurred on Feb. 22, and after police arrived Leverette pretended to have been targeted by a “racist” who falsely accused him of having a weapon simply because he is black.

Leverette reportedly lifted up his pant leg and showed the cop his GPS tracking ankle bracelet, which was put there by the DoC to keep an eye on his whereabouts.

“He informed me that he was not doing anything wrong, just waiting for the bus to come so he could go to his DoC check-in with his assigned DoC officer,” the officer wrote in an incident report.

This same officer added that Leverette expressed concern about the call, “want[ing] to understand why someone would call in with concerns that he was handling a firearm at the bus stop as described.”

When black people are having to invent fake incidents of racism, you know there’s not actually a racism problem

Leverette was searched and found to not be in possession of a firearm after all. This, Leverette apparently hoped, would lead to the officer pinning him to the ground in a similar fashion to what happened to George Floyd. When this did not happen, however, Leverette came up with a new plan the next day to accuse the officer of “racial profiling.”

According to the DoC officer’s incident report, Leverette claimed that “he was stopped and frisked by ‘Everett Police’ for no reason the previous day because of ‘being black.'”

Upon further investigation, it was determined that Leverette had done this before – on at least five separate occasions, in fact. The call was traced back to his number and the young man was arrested pending a charging decision.

Back in December, Leverette made a similar call under the fake name of “Eric Johnson.” He presented a similar story of seeing “a young, African-American male teenager” holding a gun.

“He has on black and red,” Leverette, pretending to be Johnson, told the 911 operator. “I’ve seen he has a gun on him. And, you know, I have my children here.”

Just like Jussie Smollett and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex (AOC), Leverette is an actor who apparently feels compelled to invent fake incidents of racism for attention. This just goes to show that there really is not a racism problem at all, and that so-called “minorities” are having to pretend there is out of boredom.

“This event tied up police resources for an extended period of time and unnecessarily placed our officers, our community, and the subject making the false call at risk,” noted Arlington Police Chief Jonathan Ventura about Leverette’s criminal behavior.

“These types of calls only serve to create division at a time when we need unity. This call highlights the training and professionalism of our officers despite the apparent attempt to goad law enforcement into some type of negative response or altercation.”

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