Australian Navy caught in massive coronavirus vaccine side effects COVER-UP as sailors collapse into “critical condition” following vax jabs

Australian Navy caught in massive coronavirus vaccine side effects COVER-UP as sailors collapse into “critical condition” following vax jabs

(Planet-Today) The mainstream media does not want anyone to know that sailors in the Australian Navy have been dropping like flies ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines became available to them.

Numerous stories detailing the horrific adverse events incurred by members of the Australian military have been completely scrubbed from the web. Some of them have been replaced with highly sanitized propaganda pieces claiming that only “mild side effects” are being observed.

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Gregg Hunt, Australia’s Health Minister, who pushed the experimental gene therapy injections on his nation’s military, fell “critically ill” himself just one day after getting jabbed for the Chinese virus. All of this has created major setbacks for the pro-vaccine lobby, which is having an increasingly harder time convincing people to get stabbed.

Fake news outlets like the Daily Mail Online (U.K.) have been pulling stories about deadly vaccine reactions in an attempt to convince people that the jabs are “safe and effective.” The cat is already out of the bag, though.

“Our health minister is still in the hospital from the day after he had his injection!” wrote one trusted contact in Australia to Principia Scientific International. “Not a word about the navy hospitalisations. What a way to take out a country’s military … In just one jab!”

As for Health Minister Hunt, early reports that have since been scrubbed indicated that he developed a “suspected infection” following his injection, requiring that he be “kept overnight for observation.” Hunt is also “being administered antibiotics and fluid” for his adverse reaction.

More of the latest news about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine injuries and deaths can be found at

Australian government quietly “walking away” from mass vaccination campaign

The original story from the Daily Mail Online that can no longer be found on the site was entitled: “Navy sailors hospitalised after being given Covid vaccinations.” This report indicated that:

“A number of navy sailors have been hospitalised after being given Covid-19 vaccinations on the HMAS Sydney. Defence sources confirmed some HMAS Sydney crew members were admitted to St. Vincent’s …”

Even in the “Way Back Machine” archive, this story cannot be found. Principia Scientific International notes that when trying to access the story in the Way Back Machine, the hyperlink “took us to an unrelated article.”

Now, the corporate media is attempting to whitewash the situation aboard the HMAS Sydney. Very few facts remain about the vaccine campaign aboard the ship, and some fake news outlets are even claiming that servicemen were rushed to the hospital “as a precaution” rather than to treat critical reactions.

“#breaking Defence has confirmed ‘some members’ of HMAS Sydney experienced ‘mild side effects’ after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, but illness has now been ‘resolved’ and the ship has departed for the U.S. this morning for planned exercises,” tweeted Andrew Greene from ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Meanwhile, the Australian government is quietly “walking away” from plans to mass vaccinate the nation’s residents. Apparently, they know something that they are not telling people, mainly that jabbing people en masse would almost certainly lead to mass injury and death.

“So, when does coincidence no longer remain as mere coincidence? Health Minister Hunt in ‘critical condition’ after his COVID jab; the Aussie government backing away from mass vaccination and now the crew of HMAS Sydney hospitalized over ‘mild reactions’ from their coronavirus jabs,” asks John O’Sullivan from Principia Scientific International.

“So, the old saying ‘no smoke without fire’ comes to mind when reading the legacy media’s sanitized version of the warship’s predicament … Our ‘friends’ in the mainstream media have been too quick to tell us deaths are assumed to be only ‘coincidentally’ associated with vaccination before all the evidence is in.”

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