Under Biden, military being purged of all conservatives

(Planet-Today) Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered a 60-day stand-down of the military to root out anyone remaining who supported the Jan. 6 protest at the United States Capitol.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

Austin reportedly held a meeting last Wednesday with the service secretaries and Joint Chiefs to address their concerns about conservatives in the military and what to do about it.

“Even though the numbers might be small, they may not be as small as we would like them to be, or we believe them to be,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby to reporters.

“And that no matter what it is, it is not an insignificant problem,” Kirby added about the prevalence of troops with right-wing views.

After 60 days, Kirby expects to see guidance about what to do next to rid every last nook and cranny of the military of “extremists” who do not believe that the 2020 election results are legitimate.

“It wasn’t a blithe, ‘Hey, go talk to your people,'” Kirby added about Austin’s orders to the service secretaries and Joint Chiefs.

“He was very clear that he wants commands to take the necessary time. And I didn’t hear him be overly proscriptive about that … to speak with troops about the scope of this problem, and certainly to get a sense from them about what they’re seeing at their level.”

Because the Department of Defense (DoD) does not centrally track troops believed to have a history of “domestic terrorism” or “extremist sentiment,” and neither do the services, there is no data-based read available to know where the military currently stands.

On Jan. 28, Kirby told reporters that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) opened 143 investigations into troops and veterans throughout 2020. Of this, 68 were associated with alleged cases of “domestic extremism.”

Now the military is turning on white people

Back in 2012, the DoD issued a set of instructions prohibiting servicemen from engaging in “extremist activities.” There was no actual definition attached to this, however, not to mention the fact that the unit-level departments that handle such investigations are not required to report them up the chain of command.

Internal polls conducted by Military Times claim that more than one-third of active-duty troops, and more than half of minority service members, have witnessed actions of “white supremacy” from their colleagues.

Survey respondents also purportedly suggested that “white nationalism” is a much bigger problem in the military than domestic terrorism from Middle Eastern groups.

“The events of Jan. 6 served as a wake-up call for this department,” Kirby says.

The plan is to forcibly reeducate the military to oppose conservative viewpoints, as well as the white people who hold them – more par for the course, in other words, to advance the plan for white genocide.

“We owe the force, we owe these leaders some training materials, some deeper, more specific guidance about … what the expectations are for the stand-down, and some thoughts about how feedback can be provided,” Kirby further suggests.

What this all proves is that joining the military in 2021 is a fool’s game and one that will almost certainly backfire on those who do so while holding patriotic views.

“It looks like they’re about to fire half the military because the military are the only ones left with the authority to remove Biden from office,” was one Zero Hedge commenter’s take on the situation. “It’s actually their duty under certain circumstances.”

“Millitary will be ordered to stand down when civil war starts, just like the cops were told to stand down,” wrote another. “I hope they kick all conservatives out of the military so they are available to fight for our side.”

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