New Yorkers protest ‘white supremacy’ over rising trend of black-on-Asian violence

(Planet-Today) Left-wing New Yorkers lined the streets on Sunday to protest “white supremacy” as a rash of black-on-asian violence sweeps through the city.

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Even though it is black individuals who are overwhelmingly perpetrating the rash of anti-Asian violence, these leftists still blame “white supremacy” because their cult’s dogma takes precedence over logic, reason, rationality and objective truth.

Video of the protest can be seen here:

Many Twitter users pointed out the stupidity of these leftists who are facilitating the destruction of their own nation and civilization due to their levels of idiocy.

Even though the Left complains about white people and demonizes them with a religious fervor, America is under the regime of multiculturalism, and the people are tasting the fruits of that system right now.

Big League Politics has reported on the national surge in crime since the rise of the Black Lives Matter revolutionary marxist terror movement in summer 2020:

While virtually every American knows the name of deceased serial felon George Floyd, dead drug ring suspect Breonna Taylor, and the crippled accused rapist Jacob Blake, very few know the name of Roman Sweeney, the innocent four-year-old child who was brutally murdered by a black thug this week.

In Struthers, Oh. on Mon., Sept. 21, Sweeney’s life was extinguished senselessly. The alleged shooter, 24-year-old Kimonie Devante Bryant, has been described as a “young, light-skinned, black male.”

The black thug reportedly went into a home on the 100 block of Perry Street in Struthers. He shot two men, one received two slugs in the head while another was blasted two times in the back. Two women were also shot by the savage in their lower extremities. The adults all have survived the attack for the time being, but Sweeney was not so lucky. He died in his mother’s arms as she cried incessantly for her poor son…

The Nationalist Review has noted that CNN, the Washington Post, HuffPo, and the New York Times have ignored the story because white lives simply don’t matter to the fake news media. In their view, an innocent child’s life is worth less than common street trash if the kid happens to be white.

Big League Politics reported on the case of five-year old Cannon Hinnant last month, another white child whose life was snuffed out because of black terror.

Sadly, with the public inclined to ignore the reality of the racially-charged attacks on Asians, it’s unlikely that the “knockout game” style thuggery will be put to an end.

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