Nevada luring tech companies into the state by allowing them to create their own governments

(Planet-Today) Own a large tech company and also want to form your own government to oversee it? Well, then come on down to Nevada, where Gov. Steve Sisolak is offering Big Tech corporations the opportunity to own and operate their own “smart cities” with almost no rules.

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In an effort to jumpstart his state’s fledgling economy, which was all but completely destroyed by his oppressive Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, Sisolak has announced a plan to launch “Innovation Zones” where technology firms will be allowed to set up their own governments, complete with school districts, government services, and even taxation schemes.

Large tracts of land that meet certain minimum requirements would be handed over to the tech giants to do with as they wish. New businesses at the forefront of “groundbreaking technologies” would finally be able to run their own little worlds free of that pesky public government that exists most everywhere else.

Sisolak pitched the concept during his Jan. 19 State of the State agenda. While the “alternative form of local government” component has not yet been introduced in the legislature, Sisolak is hopeful that those loose ends can be tied up after his plan is already in motion.

While the traditional method of luring companies for economic development purposes has been to offer tax abatements or other publicly funded incentive packages, which is how Tesla Inc. was steered towards Nevada, Sisolak’s new plan is to just skip all that and give tech companies their own cities.

Big Tech: leading the way to global oligarchy

One company specifically named by Sisolak as one that has expressed interest in his program is Blockchains, LLC. This company has committed, once legislation is passed, to developing a “smart city” on a large piece of land in an area east of Reno.

Doing things the old way – you know, with traditional local governments that work for We the People – is “inadequate alone” to draw resources to Nevada, Sisolak insists. Rather than simply reopen his state, Sisolak would rather just give it over to the tech corporations and call it a day.

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development would be in charge of overseeing applications for the zones, which would be exclusively limited to companies that work in blockchain, autonomous technology, the “Internet of Things,” robotics, artificial intelligence, wireless, biometrics and renewable resource technology.

Each zone requirement would award applicants at least 78 square miles (202 square kilometers) of undeveloped, uninhabited land within a single county, but separate from any other city, town or tax increment area.

A qualifying company would have to have a least $250 million in its investment coffers, as well as plans on the books to invest an additional $1 billion in their zones over a 10-year period.

Initially, these zones would operate normally under the jurisdiction of their location counties. After a while, though, the reins would be handed over to independent governmental bodies established by the corporation occupying it.

According to reports, each zone would have a three-member supervisor board procured with the same powers as a typical county commission. The business occupying the land would be afforded “significant” control over this membership board.

As we previously reported, Big Tech is also in the process of merging with Big Pharma, which means the pharmaceutical industry will also have the opportunity to establish its own governments.

The “biometrics” qualifier means that any drug company working on implantable “medical” devices could theoretically qualify to be granted land in Nevada to start a new pharmakeia-controlled “smart city.”

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