Most conservatives are coming to the realization that America’s corrupt rulers DESPISE White people

(Planet-Today) A new poll by AEI and YouGov has found that the vast majority of conservatives who support President Donald Trump are fully aware of the fact that White people are hated in the United States.

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A whopping 87 percent of respondents agreed with the statement: “I worry that discrimination against Whites will increase a lot in the next few years.”

Conversely, 80 percent rejected the notion that “White people have an advantage in today’s America because of their skin color,” apparently recognizing that non-Whites are now actively discriminated against due to the color of their skin.

Conducted between Jan. 11-14, just before China Joe was installed into the White House, the poll offers a dire take on the state of American morale, particularly among conservatives who see the America they once knew and loved swirl down the toilet.

“Christianity is under attack in America today” is a statement that 89 percent of Trump supporters agree with, while nearly the same percentage agree that Christianity is an “essential part of American greatness.”

Consequently, America will fail if it loses its Christian heritage, which is now happening at breakneck speed.

More than three-quarters of Trump supporters feel stifled and unable to express their political views in public, even as people with other political views are free to express theirs.

Nearly all Trump supporters say that ethnic “minorities,” which are quickly becoming majorities, “have a mostly fair chance to succeed in today’s America.” Only about 30 percent believe that America is riddled with “systemic racism” – and they probably mean systemic racism against Whites.

Without Trump, the Republican Party is dead forever

An overwhelming 96 percent of those polled say that immigration levels need to be reduced, or at least stay the same. About 62 percent also want all 11 million illegal aliens to be deported and sent back to their home countries.

All employers should be required by the federal government to certify that their employees are either legal citizens or residents, indicated 89 percent of poll respondents. Only 3 percent said this should not be a requirement.

Even with Trump not visibly in the White House, 86 percent of his supporters still want a border wall built on America’s southern border. This may never happen under establishment Republican control, though, which is why 66 percent say they support Trump but not necessarily the Republican Party.

Less than half of all Trump supporters believe the Republican Party is headed in the right direction, while more than half are either unsure or think it is on the wrong track.

Less than one in four Trump supporters identifies as someone who supports the Republican Party, revealing a chasm between the populist choice on the Republican ticket in 2016 and 2020, and the establishment Republican Party that almost nobody likes anymore.

In summation, these poll results sound a death knell for the Republican Party. Without Trump, there is nowhere for the Republican Party to go but down, down, and further down – unless, of course, some fresh blood enters the ring to stand for We the People rather than the billionaires and big corporations.

“I experienced wrongful firing and lying about my work history,” wrote one Information Liberation commenter. “No lawyer would take my case. One lawyer finally said: ‘You’re a white male; there’s no money in it for me.’ That was 1995.”

“Drove a black guy to take the exam for a U.S. Postal Service job,” wrote another.

“Took the test myself on a lark. I knew for sure I scored 100%. The test was really easy and I told the black women who issued the exam that I got ’em all right, when do I start. After grading the test and concluding I did indeed score 100% she informed me that ‘this is the Post Office; we don’t hire white people. That was in 1987.”

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