Los Angeles descends into wasteland of defunct businesses because residents have failed to break out of lockdown

(Planet-Today) The ever-shifting Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown “rules” in Los Angeles County have all but completely devastated the local economy, especially small business owners whose livelihoods continue to be targeted by area “health” officials.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

Breweries and wineries throughout the southland have it especially tough as “authorities” are purposefully roving their premises on the busiest days and threatening them with closure. In most cases, these “authorities” do not even understand the rules and are persecuting these businesses unjustly.

Bravery Brewing Company, for instance, was invaded by Los Angeles County inspector Jatinder Chhabra on Super Bowl Sunday. This business was doing nothing wrong and was in full compliance with local “mandates,” but Chhabra decided to make up her own rules to try to enforce.

Chhabra attempted to claim that Bravery needed to have a food truck present, or some other nutriment dispensary, in order to operate. The business responded by explaining it was only doing take-out, which does not require that food be served.

“Bravery Brewing Company doesn’t have any televisions, so Sunday, Feb. 7 was set up like previous Super Bowl Sundays, with limited hours,” reported The Federalist. “This year, knowing people would be setting up their own parties, Bravery opened for just four hours for customers to grab beer to take home with them before kick-off.”

“Because of that, they didn’t pay the few-hundred-dollar minimums food trucks ask to come by – something they’ve been required to do when serving people on-premises because, apparently, COVID.”

Other countries are standing up to Chinese virus tyranny – why isn’t America?

Even so, Chhabra demanded that Bravery obey her unlawful commands, which included immediately shutting down the business. Chhabra “brashly” interfered with other customers trying to purchase beer, owner Bart Avery said, and made it arrogantly clear that “she could give a s*** less about shutting us down.”

It took about 20 minutes for Avery to put Chhabra in her place by informing her about what the current rules actually are, and during that time Bravery lost a lot of business because it was prohibited from selling products to customers.

Chhabra’s supervisor was called at Avery’s request, and this individual confirmed that Avery was right and Chhabra was wrong. Still, Chhabra made Avery’s life miserable that day by demanding that he make copies of 11 different forms, all while customers had to wait to make a purchase.

“While the employee filled out the forms,” The Federalist further reported, “[Chhabra] can be seen rifling through the racks, exploring the bar tools, and even dancing on camera.”

Another nearby business, Thief & Barrel, has had to deal with similar tyranny. Located in a colder, windier part of Los Angeles County where it is difficult to serve customers in government-sanctioned tents, T&B was paid a visit by Chhabra on Valentine’s Day.

“She kept trying to quote information from the protocols, of which we kept explaining that we were not required to serve food,” managing partner Barbara Moran told The Federalist.

“She was not rude, but was most definitely misinformed. She kept reminding us that she’s only the messenger. We shared with her that we felt attacked, stalked, baited. We shared that the previous two inspectors who came out together a couple months back were also misinformed. We spent over 45 minutes trying to educate them.”

Like what Bravery experienced, T&B was met with rudeness, arrogance, and the usual misinformation. Agents of the county threatened to revoke the business’s alcohol license, and after realizing they were wrong arrogantly walked out saying, “Well, the good news is we don’t have to write you a citation today.”

“Pure arrogance,” Moran noted.

More of the latest news about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny in the United States can be found at Pandemic.news.

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