Journo-terrorism: New York Times routinely publishes fake news designed to spur unrest and violence

(Planet-Today) There are now so many people in the United States who reject the mainstream media’s version of reality that New York Times columnist Kevin Roose is urging Beijing Biden to set up a “truth commission” to help combat the “scourge” of “hoaxes, lies and collective delusions” that cause many people to believe in things like election fraud.

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According to Roose, anything that deviates from what the Ministry of Truth has declared as real leads to “violent unrest and civic dysfunction.” This includes questioning false flag events like the Capitol “siege” and the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic.”

Somehow the independent media’s reporting is to blame, even though fake news outlets like the Times continue to agitate gullible Americans with alternative “facts” that aim to turn them against one another.

During the George Floyd saga, for instance, the Times repeatedly claimed that “black people suffer disproportionately from police brutality,” which is false. The establishment rag also claims that police officers “see black men as expendable figures on the urban landscape, not quite human beings,” which is likewise unsubstantiated.

When it comes to “rich” versus “poor” narratives, the Times loves to incite class warfare by talking negatively about “capitalism” and how it hurts “workers” and “working families.” This tactic foments maximum animosity among the socioeconomic classes.

The Times also has a penchant for bashing the United States as being “the poorest” developed country in the world, highlighting its “whopping 18% poverty rate,” which it notes is “closer to Mexico than Western Europe.” These “facts” are also false.

“One in six Americans living below the poverty line suffers from … hunger,” the Times further claims, falsely.

Of course, anything noteworthy about the U.S. is automatically nullified because it supposedly grew out of “slavery and the anti-black racism it required.” In other words, everything good about America was procured on the backs of blacks.

The Times loves to stoke hatred against white people

Racism is one of the Times‘ favorite topics with which to sow discord. So-called “white” people are always bad, according to the Times, as they are “increasing terror” against black people on “a daily basis.”

“All Black [sic] people pretty much, we need guns to protect ourselves,” one Times writer dramatically wrote.

There have been many other pieces published in the Times about schools, segregation, income, home ownership and more that all predicate on the notion that white people thrive only when they drive black people into poverty.

The Times also enjoys spying on white people and conservatives in order to entrap them in gotcha! moments that have the potential to ruin their careers and lives.

Not just the Times but CNN, NBC, and many other fake news outlets are guilty of smearing, doxing and canceling those whose political views contradict those of these outlets’ “journalists” and editorial boards.

Keep in mind that the Ochs-Sulzberger family has owned a controlling share of the Times for more than a century. The Times actually issued a whole separate class of stock to ordinary shareholders that prevents them from voting on or in any way controlling the paper’s direction, which is left up to the powerful elite.

“This arrangement has allowed foreign interests to pump money into the Times, as it regularly publishes falsehoods that harm and destabilize the United States,” writes James D. Agresti for Just Facts Daily – be sure to read Agresti’s full report for more examples of the Times provoking violence and unrest.

“Meanwhile, the Times regularly churns out damaging and deadly misinformation while using its wealthy platform to denounce people ‘with big bank accounts’ and ‘big megaphones’ who ‘drown out other voices’ in politics.”

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