Hundreds of prominent Leftists now demand that anyone who supported Trump never be allowed to speak publicly again

(Planet-Today) At least 250 nobodies who think they are somebodies have signed on to a letter demanding that anybody affiliated with Donald Trump never again be allowed to publish a book or have their voices publicly heard.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from

A “mitigating criterion” to keep Trump ideology from flourishing, the letter reads like it was penned by some anti-social, overachieving tattletale with little-man syndrome who feels constantly threatened by unfamiliar ideas – which is exactly what it is.

Its signers contend that they all “love book publishing,” but only when the content is agreeable. Anything even remotely conservative, for instance, is simply too “sketchy” to allow in print, and must be stopped for the “safety” and “protection” of the public “hive mind.”

They say that the United States “is where it is in part because publishing has chased the money and notoriety of some pretty sketchy people, and has granted those same people both the imprimatur of respectability and a lot of money through sweetheart book deals.”

A laymen’s translation of this might read something along the lines of, “free speech is great whenever us leftists agree with it, but it makes us sad and upset whenever it deviates from that standard.”

Hilariously, the letter goes on to claim that nobody affiliated with Trump should be allowed to publish anything because that administration “caged children.” It was actually Barack Obama and Joe Biden that first put children in cages, but who are we to present the facts to an esteemed group of self-important smarties?

“No participant in an administration that caged children, performed involuntary surgeries on captive women, and scoffed at science as millions were infected with a deadly virus should be enriched by the almost rote largesse of a big book deal,” the letter goes on to complain.

“And no one who incited, suborned, instigated, or otherwise supported the January 6, 2021 coup attempt should have their philosophies remunerated and disseminated through our beloved publishing houses.”

Leftists want to use “Son of Sam” laws to prevent Trump and his supporters from ever again publishing anything

In other words, only people who accept without question experimental “vaccines” that permanently alter human DNA and embrace alternative “facts” about who created the child cages at the border should be allowed to publish books in the United States.

This is considered “progressive” thinking, of course, especially when written out in lofty rhetoric as the letter’s authors and signers made sure to do to pretend like they are important and full of knowledge.

Even more disturbing is the notion presented in the letter that Trump and his supporters are “criminals,” which supposedly makes them ineligible to publish anything under the law.

“‘Son of Sam’ laws exist to prevent criminals from benefiting financially from writing about their crimes,” the letter explains. “In that spirit, those who enabled, promulgated, and covered up crimes against the American people should not be enriched through the coffers of publishing.”

One wonders if this applies to fake news outlet CNN, which sent a photojournalist to participate in the Capitol false flag “insurrection.”

“Translation: In our sincere and heartfelt crusade for free speech, we seek to find or create laws to legitimize censoring anyone we disagree with,” joked the editor of

“Our favorite laws are those that help us label our intellectual counterparts as criminals, especially if they have any power. It is truly criminal to not agree with us about everything. And, if it isn’t, it should be … Did we mention how awesome we are? … We are small people. We are small minds.”

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