How the nicotine gum and patch are SCAMS created and marketed by Big Pharma to keep you HOOKED on a deadly drug

(Planet-Today) Complaints are plastered all over reviews, blogs and comment boards about how nicotine gum leaves you with a bad taste, mouth burn and nausea. Even brands that brag about having decent flavor get the same negative reviews. Then there are the grim statistics for the gum and the patch to help people actually quit smoking or vaping, coming in at a low 6 percent (that’s a 94 percent failure rate), and after six months, that figure gets cut in half (that becomes a 97 percent failure rate). That boils down to only 3 percent of all nicotine patch and gum consumers ever really successfully using these products as a quit method.

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So then the question looms, why do they keep buying them? Let’s take a look. The nicotine patch market globally is worth over $6 billion dollars, and the nicotine gum market another $5 billion. The reason hundreds of millions of nicotine users buy them is to quash the cravings when they can’t use their nicotine delivery device, whether at work, traveling by plane, train, bus or car, or at some kind of event that bans smoking and vaping.

Consider this: What if there was a better choice, a clean one, a natural one that still boosted dopamine, and effectively, but without all the systemic punishment to the body that nicotine delivers? We’ll cover that in a minute, but first a quick history lesson on how the ‘nicotine alternative’ market got to be so ugly.

From the 1930s to the 1960s, thousands of doctors betrayed Americans and advertised smoking as a healthy habit, then they invented the patch and gum

Once the science proved that smoking was bad for your health and caused lung cancer, which was discovered in the mid-1930s, the insidious American Medical Association kept it all quiet, while paying doctors to advertise smoking as good for digestion, relaxation, and they even recommended specific brands as the best ones you should try (get hooked on, get lung cancer and make them a fortune). The advertisements even encouraged children to smoke, subliminally telling them if they smoked cigarettes they could live to be 100 years old! Take a look.

Then, after 30 years of lying, and after 1 in every 4 Americans got hooked on the world’s third most addictive and deadly drug, came the announced that smoking causes lung cancer. That’s when more crooked doctors started developing and marketing the nicotine gum, followed by the nicotine patch – both scams to keep people hooked on nicotine, sending them right back within six months to smoking a pack of cigarettes (or two) a day.

The nicotine patch was invented in 1969 by a doctor who was addicted to cigarettes. Oh, the irony. After an entire year on his own patch, he quit smoking. Then the gum was mass produced two years later, in 1971, by AB Leo. The gum used a slow-release resin to regulate the nicotine dose during chewing.

Then, about 13 years later, by 1984, doctors at UCLA designed a patch you attach to your skin (transdermal) and marketed it as ‘medication’ for smokers trying to quit. Still, it was all a scam, and the doctors knew it, just like they knew from the beginning that smoking caused lung cancer, among other cancers of the mouth, throat and windpipe.

Horrific side effects of nicotine gum and patch are nearly intolerable

Nicotine gum leads to yellow teeth and bad breath, and that’s just the beginning. Slowly, the plaque and tartar build up, leading to bleeding gums, indigestion and sore throats. Then comes the nausea, hiccups and actual injuries to the cheeks and teeth. That’s the gum damage and it’s chronic, as it gets worse the more you chew and the longer you use. Meanwhile, the nicotine is constricting veins and making the heart work harder and harder.

Then there’s the gruesome patch. The nicotine patch causes skin irritation, dizziness, racing heartbeat, headaches, nausea and stiff muscles that ache all day. Sound familiar? Some patch users actually vomit and go into seizures. So then, what other choices are out there if you’re trying to kick nicotine cravings, whether for a few hours, all day, or for life?

The world’s ONLY natural nicotine alternative

There’s a natural product that boosts dopamine safely and effectively, that contains a proprietary blend of superfoods and supplements, with clinical research to back up the effectiveness. It’s called Krave Kicker, and the inventors are disrupting a huge market of consumers who are sick and tired (pun intended) of ‘nicotine alternatives’ that keep them hooked on nicotine. You may want to check out Krave Kicker. Zero nicotine. Zero cravings. This has been a public service announcement from Tune your internet dial to for more sustainable ways to kick the cravings of cigarettes or vape.

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