Food prices will climb in 2021 as inflation accelerates

(Planet-Today) It was supposed to be 14 days, to flatten the curve. But now, nearly a year has passed since state governments first imposed economic controls and travel restrictions on small businesses and “non-essential” people. The repercussions of lock downs, medical tyranny and perpetual spending packages continue to have a ripple effect on the current economic environment. Starting in the second quarter of 2021, food prices are projected to climb, as food companies begin to pass on the effects of inflation to the consumers.

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This inflation is expected to climb throughout the year as production and supply is disrupted, as demand for food staples remains high, and as Congress continues to destroy the value of the dollar.

Meat, eggs and wheat products are expected to rise by Spring 2021

The price of edible oils, eggs and pork have been going up for several months. Over the past twelve months, the food at home index increased by 3.9 percent on average. The price increase for poultry, fish and eggs rose 4.6 percent and the cost of beef rose 5.3 percent.

The demand for basic commodities such as wheat and sugar are rising, too. Kraft Heinz Co. and Conagra Brands Inc. have already warned that these price increases will trickle down to consumers by the Spring of 2021. Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio said he is seeing inflation in “everything related to grains” that will definitely lead to price increases across many food categories, including items like bread, mac and cheese, and mayonnaise.

In the past twelve months, the supermarkets have seen a price increase of 3.2 percent for cereals, bakery products, and fruits and vegetables. The index for restaurant food also rose 3.9 percent in that time-frame. With seven straight months of rising food price indexes, food producers are preparing to pass the cost on to consumers.

Food prices will continue to climb as inflation explodes

These rising food prices are more bad news for people living in locked down cities and states, where high unemployment rates and school closings make life difficult for those trying to make ends meet.

The inflation of food prices will continue as long as quarantines and shutdowns continue to disrupt supply and factory production. The demand was also a factor in the price increase. Demand for food staples rose in 2020, as people began to use large stimulus checks to stock up on non-perishable food items. These grocery prices will continue to climb as Democrats pass $15/hour minimum wage laws that force supermarkets to raise prices on all their products in order to keep their stores staffed.

Inflation will continue to intensify because Congress continues to destroy the value of the dollar itself, with unrealistic, bombastic spending packages that prioritize drug companies and set up the infrastructure for a medical police state including mass vaccination and quarantines sites. These spending packages barely help the poor and oppressed, and instead bail out mismanaged Democrat-run states, prop up foreign countries, and negate the ill economic effects of communistic lock down policies. As the corruption continues, Americans have no choice but to prepare for runaway inflation and the continued collapse of both the dollar and the food system.

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