Corporations pushing mandatory coronavirus vaccines for customers, not just employees

(Planet-Today) Since most Americans rolled over without a fight when the powers that be mandated face coverings for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby believes that they will do the exact same thing with mandatory Chinese virus vaccination.

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During a recent appearance at the Economic Club of Chicago, Kirby pushed the idea of mandatory Chinese germ jabs not only for corporate employees but also for their customers.

“It will just become what is expected and what most companies do,” Kirby said confidently, observing that American cowards have done next to nothing to stand up against the masks.

“Once the ball gets rolling, it’s going to roll all the way to the bottom,” he added, noting that “a big second wave” of the communist virus is soon on the way that will have a snowball effect in forcing everyone to get vaccinated.

“I’m realistic enough that while I think it’s the right thing to do, to know United Airlines alone can’t do it and have it stick,” he further said. “There don’t have to be a ton of others, but there have to be others.”

Thanks to changes made by the Trump administration to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), employers can now force their employees to get jabbed for the Chinese virus against their will. And Kirby wants to see that extend to all people regardless of employment status.

He also supports the introduction of so-called “vaccine passports,” which will be people’s ticket to fly, travel and eventually just go to the movies or participate in everyday commerce like the vaccinated will be allowed to do.

“It gives people a pretty strong incentive because that’s the way they can get their life back,” Kirby proclaimed about Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. “We think it’s a key to opening not just international borders and aviation but the economy.”

If you take the DNA-altering China virus vaccine, you’ve permanently sold your soul

Fulfilling precisely what the Bible talks about concerning the Mark of the Beast, vaccine passports will be dangled as a carrot in front of people who are tired of sitting at home masked with nothing else to do.

Once a critical threshold of the general population has already been jabbed, the powers that be will coerce the “hesitant” to join them, and use the already vaccinated to pressure and bully the non-vaccinated into complying.

Society is already witnessing this with mask-wearing, as those who refuse are being bullied out of stores, persecuted, and told that they cannot provide for their families unless they cover their nose and mouth with Chinese plastic.

The travel industry as a whole already seems to be onboard with the vaccine agenda, especially the international travel industry which is using vaccination as a requirement in order to cross borders.

Globalists like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair have suggested that the entire Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) response be standardized across the world to ensure that all countries and people groups are on the same page with everything – you know, just like the Antichrist will need to have in place in order to control the entire world.

“Disney World just announced that having a full run of the vaccine was not enough to take the masks off for those particular individuals. Everyone is still wearing masks, at least for now,” wrote one commenter about how vaccines and masks will both be a requirement in order to participate in the “new normal.”

“It is not a ‘vaccine;’ it’s an ‘experimental biological agent,'” wrote another, still missing the DNA-modifying elements that make this jab a cornerstone for the coming implantation of microchips into people’s bodies.

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