Coca Cola says: Be less White

(Planet-Today) Are you too white? How white is your skin? Is it white-white, light-white, medium-white, eggshell, beige or “other?” How white do you act? Do you walk around town or the office with too much confidence, singing “born white, born proud?” Do you have the gumption to totally believe in things? If you’re too white and it shows, and you work for Coca-Cola, it’s time for you to retrain your ‘innate’ bias and bigoted thinking with some online training modules specially designed for “confronting racism.” If this news is too hard for you to believe, then check out what a whistleblower from Coca-Cola obtained recently and posted online for the whole born-racist world to see.

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Coca-Cola strongly believes that in the USA, white people are ‘socialized’ to feel like they are inherently superior, and they are already too ‘confident’ by age 3 or 4.

So let’s break down this freakish advice for a second, using logic. They’re telling their employees to … be less certain but believe. What? Stop collaborating with other white people because it’s racist and offensive. Wait, what? That advice itself is racist and offensive. The biggest problem now, according to that social justice race-theory, is that Coca-Cola is BROWN and it’s very bad for your health, so isn’t that racist? Is Coca-Cola trying to say that all things brown are bad for your health, because if so, they better change the color of their drink that’s being consumed all around the world and has been for decades, and they better change it for good (pardon the pun).

Coca-Cola says you must try to be “less white” – whatever that means

Watch this YouTube video featuring the inside scoop as revealed by a whistleblower inside the company, as Coca-Cola’s severely reverse-racist training program gets underway. Get ready for some linked-in learning, brain-retraining by Coca Cola, shoveled down to the scum-bucket, born-racist peons at the bottom of the corporate ladder:

Coca-Cola is literally saying that if you believe in anything strongly, and you’re white, that it’s racist. So, to recap, if you’re white, and you totally believe in God, you need to step down from your privileged pedestal and believe less, so you can be fair to brown, black and yellowish people. If you are completely sure that you have a good future and you’re positive you’re doing your job well, then you are an arrogant racist and you need training to become less certain and less oppressive.

In other words, if you’re not walking around the office (or shouting out continuously on the virtual meeting) that you hate being white and that you admit you’re a born racist, then you’re in need of some “how to be less white” online training in order to continue being employed by Coca-Cola.

Yes, according to Coca-Cola, all white people, no matter what shade of white you are, are trained by other white racists to be indifferent to everyone else that’s not white, and to never create any ‘solidarity’ with colored folks. You don’t listen! You’re apathetic!

Corporate America gets more evil and twisted every day

This is the new Americanized-Nazi re-education camp in America, sponsored, created and required by Coca-Cola for white people who want to continue working there (why anyone would is beyond comprehension). Tune your internet dial to for updates on reverse-racism training and absurd gender-fluidity thinking that may be the next required education training module at your corporate American freak-show job.

Understand this. Coca-Cola says that a ‘one-time’ training class is not enough, because all white people have been brainwashed into elitism by age 3, so you need ‘ongoing professional development’ training to undo all that nasty bigotry. It’s time to rehearse and role-play some cross-racial discussions.

According to Coca-Cola, you need to join some ‘monthly affinity groups’ to practice not being white, not being confident, not believing in things so much, and not having any more ‘solidarity’ with other white people, because you’re just showing off how white you are, and that’s racist.

The bottom line is that Coca-Cola contains cancer-causing sugar and flora-destroying phosphoric acid, and it’s brown. So the real message coming from Coca-Cola is that anything brown is to be celebrated, especially if it destroys your health. This has been a public service announcement from Natural Health News.

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