Can Democrats be feminist if they don’t believe women exist?

(Planet-Today) The Democrats find themselves in an identity crisis that many of us predicted would come. On one hand, they’ve always identified as the party of women. This has been evident in their taking up the cause of #MeToo, supposed “women’s rights,” and even the debunked gender wage gap. In each of these cases, the Democrat Party makes the case that they are the party that values women and will fight for their rights.

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On the other hand, the Dems have taken up the cause of transgenderism, which results in an elimination of the view of biological sex and gender. We’ve seen this in women’s sports, where the Left fights to allow men to compete against women. We’ve seen this in their attempts to promote transgenderism within children, pretending as if gender is nothing more than a social construct. We’ve seen this their validation of men pretending to be women, taking well-intended protections for women and giving it to men.

The very fact that Democrats are pushing for men to compete in women’s space flies in the face of everything that feminism stands for. Yet, that’s exactly what is going on. Thus, Democrats are going to have to make a decision… are they going to fight for women or fight for a gender-neutral society. You can’t do both.

One example of this new gender-neutral society that the Democrats envision is that in California, the Legislature is considering a bill that would fine businesses $1000 for not having a “gender-neutral” section for toys and clothes. This is not only a violation of First and Second Amendment rights, but also an attack on gender itself. Why not allow freedom of expression by business owners. If someone wants to do that and cater to that community, they are more than welcome to do so. However, it’s not the government’s role to force this on society. This is an attempt by the Democrats to take away gender which, by definition, devalues womanhood.

At what point will we see the Dems turn on themselves for this utter hypocrisy? At a certain point, they are going to dig their hole so deep that even the most progressive feminist will say that they can no longer support this genderless philosophy. You can’t provide protections for women while recognizing men as women. You cannot encourage girls to go out for sports when you allow boys to compete against girls and dominate the competition. Talk about systemic oppression against women… the Left is now making it to where women can’t even win in women’s sports!

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