BREAKING: Democrat brief claims U.S. election results never rejected before – that’s a MASSIVE lie

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In fact, almost every Republican victory at recent Presidential elections have seen the results challenged… by Democrats. And plenty of historical U.S. elections have been privy to challenges, too.

In recent history Democrats have exclusively been the ones to challenge election victories for their political opponents.

In 1969, in 2011, in 2005, and in 2017, Democrats objected.

Now, their own legal brief claims: “Since the dawn of the republic, no enemy — foreign or domestic — had ever obstructed Congress’s counting of the votes… No president had ever refused to accept an election result or defied the lawful processes for resolving electoral disputes. Until President Trump.”

You can read the full brief here.

The willingness of Democrat lawyers and impeachment managers to be so brazenly two-faced in their own legal brief will no doubt create an effective platform for President Trump and his lawyers to respond.

The claim will also be stunning given that Hillary Clinton publicly advised Joe Biden to reject the election results – under any circumstances – if he did not “win”.

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