BOMBSHELL: Over 200 academics unwittingly assisting CCP military tech

A new, bombshell report out of the United Kingdom unveils how research from British universities is being exploited by the Chinese Communist Party to empower and advance China’s military, including the scope of “weapons of mass destruction.”

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The 115-page report from the British think tank Civitas is entitled “Inadvertently Arming China: The Chinese military complex and its potential exploitation of scientific research at UK universities.

The document draws attention to “the little-analysed but pervasive presence of Chinese military-linked conglomerates and universities in the sponsorship of high-technology research centres in many leading UK universities,” a topic covered by The National Pulse at length.

The National Pulse has highlighted how America’s premier institutions have accepted millions from Chinese state-owned enterprises in return for favorable studies on the Chinese Communist Party. Universities have also advised and hosted conferences alongside military-linked entities, including those sanctioned for human rights abuses.

The UK report also follows countless American professors involved in scientific research getting indicted for secret contracts with the Chinese Communist Party and espionage schemes to steal research.

Among the report’s bombshell findings are how taxpaying citizens in the United Kingdom are funding the research:

“This report illustrates how 15 of the 24 Russell Group universities and many other UK academic bodies have productive research relationships with Chinese military-linked manufacturers and universities. Much of the research at the university centres and laboratories is also being sponsored by the UK taxpayer through research councils, Innovate UK, and the Royal Society.”

“In many cases, these UK universities are unintentionally generating research that is sponsored by and may be of use to China’s military conglomerates, including those with activities in the production of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), including intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) as well as hypersonic missiles, in which China is involved in a new arms race and seeks ‘massively destabilising’ weaponry,” the report summarizes.

The report focuses on institutions including Cambridge University, Imperial College London, and Manchester University and research in the fields of shipbuilding, drones, radars, and beyond.

Accordingly, it recommends an audit of sponsorship relationships and policies with the aim of “establishing the total level of Chinese funding of UK technology research and establishing new rules for universities themselves.”

On February 8th, The Times of London reported that “almost 200 British academics are being investigated on suspicion of unwittingly helping the Chinese government build weapons of mass destruction” and are “suspected of violating strict export laws intended to prevent intellectual property in highly sensitive subjects being handed to hostile state.”

The report concludes:

“This is a picture of ‘strategic incoherence’. China’s civil -military fusion, rapid technological-military development and force-projection capabilities threaten the national interests of theUnited Kingdom. To risk financing the companies at the centre of this strategy through our leading universities and research institutions points to ill-considered research policies at the level of the UK universities themselves, but also a lack of strategic coordination”

Meanwhile, America’s Biden regime continues to aid the Chinese Communist Party both in word and deed.

President Biden refused to criticize dictator Xi Jinping in a recent interview, and even quashed a Trump-era ban on Chinese Communist propaganda in U.S. schools.

Meanwhile, Oxford University has just handed an emblematic name change of one of its oldest chairs in Physics to the Chinese Communist-linked Tencent company in exchange for just £700,000 ($965,000).

The professorship, established in 1900 and conjoined with a fellowship at 14th-century college, will now be known as the Tencent-Wykeham chair in honor of the Chinese computing conglomerate..

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