Biden advances Obama legacy of throwing border children in cages

(Planet-Today) After promising to shut them all down because Orange Man Bad, the White House occupier known as Joe Biden has decided to instead reopen the border cages that are used to imprison the children of illegal aliens and other unaccompanied minors.

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Directly contradicting what he spewed all across the campaign trail known as his basement, China Joe ordered his regime to reopen a U.S.-Mexico overflow facility in Texas that has chain link fencing cubes inside of it, which is where illegal alien children are kept.

CNN immigration reporter Priscilla Alvarez tweeted that the Biden regime reopened the facility because of “an increase in apprehensions” and “reduced capacity limits at other facilities due to Covid-19.”

When commenters flooded Alvarez’s Twitter account to point out the hypocrisy of Biden doing exactly what he criticized President Donald Trump for doing, several commenters suffering from extreme cognitive dissonance defended the move as necessary to ensure the safety of the unaccompanied children.

“Holy s***, everyone that replies to you is insane,” wrote one angry person named David Jones to Alvarez.

“You can’t have children walking around unaccompanied. These are kids with no parents no nothing. The article even states they try and find a sponsor within the states while their case is tried. Holy s***.”

Interestingly, these same folks said the opposite when Trump was officially in charge of the “border cages.” Back then, Trump’s haters squealed that keeping children in cages, even for their own safety while their cases were sorted out, was cruel and unusual punishment.

Now that Xiden is doing it, everyone is just fine with children being kept in cages because they have nowhere else to go and cannot just be thrown back out onto the street. Amazing how that works, eh?

Facts: Obama made the cages and Biden signed off on them

While working under Barack Obama as vice president, Beijing Biden actually signed the compact responsible for creating these border cages in the first place.

As tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children were being trafficked across America’s southern border under their watch, Obama and Biden set up the process that allowed some of them to be apprehended and held like caged animals.

This is part of Obama’s legacy, by the way. The border cages are all his, and yet those who hate Trump and blame him for the cages have shut their ears, eyes and minds to the truth that is right in front of them, if only they were willing to investigate.

When Obama was occupying the White House, the complicit media made sure to call them “overflow” facilities, if they even mentioned them at all. While Trump was in office, they were always to be referred to as “cages” while being paired up with images of children with shiny silver blankets lying on concrete floors.

With Biden at the helm once again, illegal immigration is on the rise as this latest usurper-in-chief sells out what remains of America in order to please his foreign masters.

“Joe Biden has encouraged more illegal immigration,” writes “Bonchie” for Red State.

“That means more children will cross alone in an attempt to be placed with family members. It also means more children will cross with people who aren’t actually their parents. That means you need more detention facilities.”

Whenever a child is removed from his or her parents, it is important for our readers to remember that the Ninth Circuit Court is to blame, not Trump.

“Further, almost all children that are in these facilities long term are there because they were unaccompanied in the first place. Every single one of those details was as true under Trump as they are under Biden,” Bonchie says.

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