Only mutants can fly into space

Oleg Kononenko, commander of the Russian cosmonaut team, said that genetically modified people resistant to hard radiation would fly into deep space. In his opinion, the development of bioengineering technologies will help the emergence of an artificial generation.

He said at a round table at Bauman Moscow State Technical University that a modified version of man would be able to continue exploring deep space.

“The main danger to humans (in outer space) is radiation. Personally, I am deeply convinced that genetically modified people will fly into deep space ”

The astronaut noted that the creation of a capable of transferring radiation with minimal means of human protection is very promising.

“Of course, it will be difficult to make something living completely resistant to such radiation,” Kononenko added.

The level of cosmic radiation is much higher than the standard terrestrial ionizing radiation of 1 mSv (1000 μSv) per year. Scientists do not yet know light materials that can protect cosmonauts in space from radiation. Especially in conditions of solar flares.

In March last year, Oleg Gorshkov, director general of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (TsNIImash), said that even with a monthly stay in orbit of the moon, the issue of radiation protection was not resolved.

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