There are certain things you should never put on your face. Find out what will completely disappoint you. Your face is very sensitive area. You need to take care of what you are applying on it. It can be damaged so you could never clean it.
There are a lot of methods that are using for cleansing but not all of them are effective, even some of them are harmful.
In addition you will see 10 things that you never should put on your face.
You need to remember them all.
Lemon has a pH value 2 that is acid. Is the same with your teeth, lemon will destroy your teeth if it’s soaked, and also your skin on the face. It can cause an irritation and even make things worse.
You shall never use hairspray as a thing that will keep your makeup on your face. It will destroy your face skin. Next time when you are going to apply a hairspray on your hair applies it only there, and protect your face with a towel or something else.
Another bathroom cabinet “quick fix” that does more harm than good, toothpaste is full of ingredients that are drying and irritating, if not outright harmful, to skin. It will dry out a zit, that much is true, but it’ll also zap healthy moisture from the surrounding areas and has the potential to chemically burn the skin, leaving dark scars that you won’t be able to fix with anything you can find in your kitchen. Turn to a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment or even a dab of tea tree oil, instead.
Petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly can be helpful for sealing in moisture on super dry, fragile skin, as well as protecting cuts, bug bites, and other wounds from the air, but it isn’t a long-term fix or sufficient moisturizer. Skin will feel softer at first, but just as petroleum jelly seals moisture in, the thick emollient also seals in dirt and debris and can actually cause dryness over time because it keeps out additional air and moisture. We repeat: Petroleum jelly does not actually moisturize but rather retains what’s already in your skin, including the bad stuff.
Hot water
Hot water is not popper for your face; you already knew that we guess. This is because the skin will open the pores and after that all the dirtiness will enter and it may cause different inflammations and infections.
Always use lukewarm water rather than hot, and keep scalding showers to a minimum—especially in the winter, when your skin is already more inclined to dryness and itchiness.
Hydrogen peroxide
This s one of the best ways to stop and get disinfected the injury, but it is never used on your face. The corrosive nature of oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide can burn and blister the skin due to oxidative stress.
Body lotion
It is clearly good written, body lotion if his was for your face it will probably write all part lotion.
The delicate skin of the face needs to be treated differently and with gentler, better quality ingredients than those typically used in body lotions.
Rebecca Raymond, Carefree Organics creator, wrote that salt and sugar draw out your moisture in surrounding materials, and thereby have one dehydrating effect on the skin. Using sugar can practically damage the face skin, since it is used for scrubbing legs as well as other parts of your body, but not your face. Even though a lot of face lotions have sugar, is not the best to use it on the face.
Baking Soda
A lot of people would use the baking soda as one scrubber for your skin, but this isn’t a good idea. YouTuber and Professional aesthetician Veronica Gorgeois claimed that to never, ever apply baking soda on the face. She figured that the skin has one naturally acidic pH that assists to keep your protective lipid layer intact. As you introduce one highly alkaline substance such as baking soda, it may damage that layer. The rough texture plus consistency that are its main properties would change the pH balance that will result in damaging your skin and preventing it from keeping the moisture.
Rubbing Alcohol
This is the same like hydrogen peroxide, it is used for disinfection of the wounds but you can’t use it on your face. It will make an inflammation and infection. You need to get this on your mind and never apply on your face in order to get calming effect

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