The Amazing Benefits And Uses Of The Eternal Youth Plant – Green Nettle

The eternal youth plant is here. It brings so many benefits and we use it all the time without even knowing. Green nettle is being useful for anemia, to reduce the effects of stress on our body, and for diseases related to the excess of the uric acid such as gout.
Benefits of green nettle:
One of the main health benefits of green nettle is that it helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. This plant also stimulates the digestive tract, accelerating metabolism and increasing intestinal peristalsis. Thanks to its high chlorophyll content, it improves blood circulation, avoiding the formation of atheromas on the arterial walls. It also favors the elimination of accumulated fluids, toxins and waste from the body.
Uses of green nettle:
-To stimulate the digestive system: protecting the liver, favoring biliary production and stimulating digestions,

-To stop diarrhea,

-To stop bleeding and prevent uncontrolled blood flow: it is used for nosebleeds, hemophilia and menopause disorders,

-For the treatment of arteriosclerosis,

-To improve blood circulation,

-To combat diabetes,

-For anemia,

-To increase the flow of milk in infants,

-For prostatic hypertrophy,

-For diseases related to excess uric acid: stones in the kidney, gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, etc.,

-To reduce depressive episodes in patients with Alzheimer’s,

For impotence.
Externally, green nettle is used for:
-In skin care (eliminates imperfections such as granules, eczema, herpes, redness and acne),

-To regenerate the scalp and fight hair related problems such as dandruff, seborrhea and hair loss,

To reduce pain Of sciatica.

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