Protect Your Kidneys With These Healthy Advises And Avoid Complications

Use these advises and tips to avoid complications in regards to the kidneys. Protecting them will protect your health and possibly save your life. The kidneys are very important organs in charge of filtering the urine, the wastes and the liquids that are ingested. Among other functions, they also maintain stable levels of electrolytes and hormones that, act on blood cells and help keep bones strong.
Statistics indicate that at least 1 in 5 people have some type of kidney disease and that is a very high number, so being prepared and taking all kinds of precautions to take care of the kidneys is not enough.
The most common problems affecting the kidneys are low fluid intake and infections. Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, and overuse of painkillers also have a negative effect on the kidneys, and use should be limited to what is strictly necessary.
When the kidneys begin to manifest problems, the following symptoms often arise:
– Fatigue.
– Weakness.
– Foamy urine.
– Pink urine (blood stained).
– Increased urination.
-Painful urination.
– Increased thirst.
– Swollen eyes.
To know in detail the factors that can influence the normal functioning of the kidneys we advise you to read these warnings that will keep you alert and thanks to which you can modify your habits.
Drink little amount of water and kidney protect
As we all know, drinking little water affects the kidneys and does not allow it to function well, but … why is water so important?
Well, the kidneys are in charge of filtering the waste and if the amount of water entering the body is scarce the kidneys do not receive the amount of blood needed to eliminate those toxins through the production of erythrocytes. This causes the blood to become more concentrated and contaminated from these wastes that the kidneys can not eliminate.
That is why it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
Excessive consumption of coffee and kidney protect
Drinking coffee is a habit that few can quit, but while we are not asking you to quit altogether, we suggest reducing the number of cups per day, if it exceeds 3.
Excess caffeine can damage the kidneys because it leads to hypertension and the kidneys work hard.
Some studies argue that there may be a relationship between excess caffeine and kidney stones, due to increases in calcium in the urine.
Remember that not only coffee contains caffeine, but any other infusion or even tea; Only that in the coffee the concentration is greater.
Reduce amounts to 2 cups per day of coffee or 3 cups of tea.
Excessive consumption of salt and kidney protect
Salt can be indispensable to flavor foods, but definitely excessive consumption damages the kidneys and affects health in general. The kidneys metabolize the sodium we ingest in our food and when the amount is much higher than it can process, it must work hard and generate complications.
When the kidneys can not eliminate these high concentrations of sodium-blood pressure increases and the body begins to retain fluid.
The recommended salt intake is up to 5 grams per day.
Excessive consumption of alcohol and kidney protect
In all cases, alcohol consumption should be moderate. Alcohol in high doses causes the uric acid to be deposited in the renal tubules and causes an obstruction that generates a renal insufficiency.
In addition, alcohol causes dehydration, something that, as we said, affects the kidneys.
Remember that women have less resistance to alcohol and the dose to be taken should be half that of men. Reduce the amount to two glasses per day for men and one for women or older adults.
Lack of sleep and kidney protect
Resting intermittently affects the whole organism. We know that adults should sleep between 6 and 8 hours for our bodies to regain energy and balance the normal functioning of the organs that is the time when their tissues regenerate.
The Even metabolic function is affected by poor rest.
When we sleep little the functions of the kidneys are affected in the long term and can even generate hypertension and lead to atherosclerosis.

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