Carbon from Cold War nuclear tests found at ocean floor

Scientists have proved the extraterrestrial origin of the amulet Tutankhamen

238 tons of plastic waste discovered on remote islands of the Indian Ocean

Environmentalists have found millions of toothbrushes and straws in the Indian Ocean

Created the first fully artificial living organism

Scientists figured out when the ancestors of humans and Neanderthals divided

The mystery of the Egyptian desert

Found bacteria that feed on methane

North Korea has been suffering from severe drought in recent decades

Opened new ice form

In Turkey, DNA analysis revealed a new mystery of the ancient city

Discovered previously unknown species of ancient monkeys

Revealed the cause of the mass extinction of ancient people

Invisible shock force punches holes in the Milky Way

Rivers of Europe polluted with pesticides and antibiotics

Chinese moon rover made an amazing find on the back of the moon

Deep-sea fish see the world in their own way

At Bristol University, announced the decoding of the Voynich manuscript

Record CO2 levels recorded in Earth’s atmosphere

In London, testing the urban air purification project

Most of the world’s longest rivers “suffocate” through the fault of the people

Giant beavers lived in the USA

Heavy snowfall in Corsica

Scientists have characterized the cells of the black substance that controls the movements of the body

One of the stars of the Big Dipper may come from another galaxy

On the coast of France found a stone with a 230-year cipher

Biologists have found unknown marine larvae and do not know what will grow out of them

Thermal images help to reveal the origin of Phobos

Plastic ruins sea bacteria that produce oxygen

Prophetic dream brought a man a fortune

Mining in space very quickly depletes the solar system

The sounds of comet P67 are so strange that it may be an alien transmission to the solar system

Strange sounds scare people of Slovakia

Media: Not everyone will survive the super magnetic storm that started on Earth