Australian Forest Fires Made New Zealand Glaciers Pink

Australia has been fighting strong fires for weeks now. They have smoky Sydney, threatening air quality throughout New South Wales and destroying key koalas.

In New South Wales alone, more than 100 bushes and grass fires had been burned as of Friday. In the country about 4 million acres have burnt down as a result of what huge clouds of smoke have rolled across ocean.

Smoke is clearly visible from space, but it has also left a trace on the ground, dyeing New Zealand glaciers in a dusty pink hue.

Travel blogger and photographer Liz Carlson captured an ominous spectacle during a helicopter flight through Mount Aspiring National Park in South Zealand, about 1,150 miles from the site of the fires.

“As a frequent visitor to Mount Aspiring and often flying around these large mountains, which I call home, it was unusual and interesting to see something rare and unusual,” Carlson wrote in his blog. “How crazy is it that we can see the consequences of fires in Australia, here in New Zealand?

Studies show that dust particles from Amazon forest fires falling on glaciers in the Andes can increase glacier melt as darkened snow absorbs more sunlight.

And this is another self-enforcing feedback. The more forest fires burn, the more ice darkened, which affects the Earth’s albedo and makes the Earth absorb more heat, causing more forest fires, and this continues and continues…..

Meanwhile, wildfires in Australia continue to burn, and a mega-fire is being set in motion north of Sydney.

The country’s weather bureau predicts a hotter and drier summer than usual, and therefore a possible increase in the number of fires and heat waves.

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