Consequences Of A Powerful Earthquake In Albania

In Albania over the past night, the bodies of another ten who died as a result of the earthquake were found in ruins, the number of victims reached forty.

Six dead were found in the city of Mist, in the morning the search work was completed there. Three more were found in the port city of Durres, where searches continue. Injured more than 650 people. About 2100 people have lost their homes and are now sleeping in tents.

Rescue teams from Serbia, Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey and Croatia take part in search and rescue operations.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has declared a state of emergency – which has increased funds and security – in the coastal city of Durres and the village of Tuman, the most affected areas.

Rescue dogs involved sniffer dogs. To date, 45 people have been found alive in various places and are receiving treatment in a hospital. One man who was pulled alive from the wreckage in the Mist later died from his injuries.

Entire families died, hundreds of people were injured in a powerful earthquake.

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