This Plant Is Called “Gift Of God” As It Is Said To Cure Over 100 Diseases!

This plant is called a gift of God. And this is for a very good reason. It is said to cure over 100 diseases. Recently, an old lady wrote to us praising the benefits of a certain plant which she calls “God’s Gift”. The woman was fighting a cyst in her breast for years, and she was left with no other option than to try natural remedies. Luckily, a herb called Chaya made her cyst go away in just 3 months, and she was able to feel the results only 3 days after starting the treatment.
Chaya, also known as tree spinach, is a fast-growing perennial shrub that originates from Mexico. Although not well-known, the shrub possesses incredible health benefits that can treat a variety of diseases and conditions. Here are the top health benefits of Chaya:
– Regulates your cholesterol levels;

– Regulates the levels of uric acid in the body;

– Improves the brain function and eyesight;

– Raises the levels of calcium in the body;

– Treats and prevents anemia;

– Treats osteoporosis;

– Regulates the blood sugar levels in the body;

– Prevents infections, sore throat, hemorrhoids and headaches;

– Cleans the liver;

– Balances the metabolic system.
This is just a small portion of Chaya’s health benefits. The plant can treat almost all diseases and conditions, and can be consumed in salads, soups or as a tea. However, it should never be consumed raw.
Here’s how to prepare Gifts of God tea:
-2 cups of water

-6 Chaya leaves
Just bring the water to boil in a pot, then add the leaves and simmer the mixture for 10 minutes. Strain it in the end and let it cool down a bit, then enjoy your cup of healthy Chaya tea! We recommend drinking 3 cups of the tea before meals to treat and prevent numerous diseases.

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