It Does Not Matter If It Is Chronic, Nervous Or Acute: Cut The Gastritis With These Natural Remedies!

Chronic, nervous or acute gastritis hurts the same. No matter which one it is, you can cure it naturally. It does not matter that the gastritis is chronic, nervous or acute since in all the cases there are remedies, medicine and home treatments that help a lot in front of this problem and even with time can be reached to cure.
There are natural treatments for gastritis based on home remedies and natural that unlike the medicines do not bring with them negative side effects.
Natural medicine for gastritis is increasingly discovered by more people who realize that the cure is in nature and not in the synthetic drugs that they want to sell us.
Acute gastritis manifests temporarily but chronic gastritis lasts forever and the person has to coexist with this problem.
Home Treatment for Gastritis
To take the ginger for gastritis what we will do is to prepare it in juices with a blender and mixed with other ingredients.
Specifically, we will use these ingredients in their elaboration:
-4 celery stalks

-1 Carrot

-1 piece of ginger

The only contraindications Ginger has is for women who are pregnant since they should not take it from their third month of pregnancy.
You can prepare the dried root in the form of tea or suck its root during the day.
To prepare the infusion what we do is to put to boil about 8 or 10 grams of its dry root in the quantity of a liter of water.
Let it boil for 10 minutes on a gentle heat and then let it sit for another 20 minutes. After this time we can paste it and drink it in 3 shots throughout the day.
Orozuz should not be abused because taking too much can produce hypertension and an increase in sodium retention.
Pregnant women should not take it and the dose for children is half that for adults. The maximum adult dose is 20 grams per day.
Quinoa is good for gastritis since it is a pseudocereal that does not contain gluten and provides a very beneficial fiber besides proteins of great biological value.
Eating quinoa and replacing it with other foods in cases of acute or chronic gastritis is a great alternative. In addition, we are consuming 8 essential amino acids of great quality and we can prepare it in a lot of plates and recipes.
It serves to replace meat that is bad for gastritis as well as cereals such as wheat, barley or rye which are also not good if you have these problems.
It is taken as a natural remedy for effective gastritis and in natural medicine, it is considered as a substitute stomach protector of omeprazole.
Before each meal, it is good to drink an infusion of fenugreek so that the digestive system does its process well and digestion is healthy.
The infusion of fenugreek is prepared by pouring 1 tablespoon of seeds into a cup of boiling water, is removed from the fire and allowed to stand for 10 minutes.
In this case, we will prepare a breakfast of porridge with honey because it goes well with the gastritis nerve or acute.
We put milk to warm in a saucepan in which we add 3 tablespoons of flakes of oats and one of natural honey. Let simmer for about 10 minutes. It is ready.

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