Don’t Ignore These Common Symptoms Of A Potentially Dangerous Blood Clot

You shouldn`t ignore the symptoms your body is showing. You should pay close attention and you may prevent a potentially dangerous blood clot. Blood clotting is a serious health problem, and many people deal with it. Experts at Mayo Clinic explain that blood is actually “designed” to clot, but sometimes the clotting process happens when least expected. Clotting is your body’s way to stop bleeding, and you’ve all seen a scab or a bruise. Unfortunately, clots can cause heart attack, stroke, and other serious problems.
Check the symptoms below. This will help you check if there is a blood clot wandering inside your body.
Swollen limb
Have you ever heard of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)? It prevents normal blood flow. DVT may have a serious outcome, because vital organs can’t get enough oxygen.
Pain or tenderness in legs
DVT is often accompanied with tenderness and pain. Sometimes sufferers describe the pain as a cramp or Charley horse.
Red streaks on the skin
Bruises are some sort of clots, but red streaks near the veins are everything but a normal bruise. Ask for medical help as soon as possible. These streaks give you a warm sensation when touched.
Chest pain / Heavy breathing
The combination of these two may signals that you have a blood clot in the lungs. Consult a physician, because this clot can lead to a fatal outcome.
Shortness of breath
Being unable to take deep breathe is often a sign of blood clots in the lungs. Patients sometimes experience fluttering in the chest area, a racing heart or feel dizzy. Make sure you consult your doctor.
Sudden cough
Do you cough for no reason? Check your heart rate, chest, and breathing pace. It’s time to call your doctor if you have any of the symptoms and cough constantly.
Consult your doctor, call 911 or just drive to the hospital. Your or someone else’s live may be in danger. Learn the signals your body sends you.

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