Ozzy Osbourne turned out to be a genetic mutant

Scientists said rock musician Ozzy Osbourne is a genetic mutant. Only this helped him survive the decades of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Scientists examined Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA and discovered that the rocker has a genetic mutation that is responsible for its unusually high resistance to drugs and alcohol.

“Ozzy is really a genetic mutant,” says biologist Bill Sullivan in his new book.

Osborne previously provided samples of his DNA to a Massachusetts company that specializes in gene research.

The company sequenced the genes of Osborne and discovered a mutation.
Sullivan says that any addiction is “more connected with our DNA than with our morality.” He also writes that genes can determine certain types of our behavior, including addiction to sweets, emotionality, sexual preferences, and even political opinions.
“We concluded that almost everything in our behavior is not determined by our own will,” Sullivan writes.
“I always said that only cockroaches, Ozzy and Keith Richards will survive the end of the world,” said Sharon Osbourne when she learned about the husband’s phenomenon.

In his autobiography, I Am Ozzy, Osborne writes that for four decades he had abused alcohol and tried all known drugs. He was sitting in a psychiatric hospital and once, being drunk, he bit off the head of a bat right on the stage. After that, he had to give rabies injections.

Osborne himself called himself a “medical miracle.” But the metal legend is gradually losing. This year, the 70-year-old singer was hospitalized in the intensive care unit with a diagnosis of influenza and bronchitis.

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